What Makes You Happy?

I was just going about my day and my brain popped the question ‘What makes Lia happy?” and for half an hour I could not shake off this question because truthfully, I did not have an answer.  I spent the next couple of days trying to figure out what makes me grateful and happy. It might of taken me a couple of days but I finally mustard up some things that make me truly happy. Some of them I already knew but took for granted and others came totally out of the blue.

Below is a list of things that make me happy:


  • My beautiful best friend of a cat Princess <3



  • My Supportive friends- Thank you for being there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on and for all the happiness you provide in my life.


  • The online community– All the groups I’m in, I want to say you guys always make me laugh and feel happy. #nuggetgang


  • Travelling- This can be from discovering a new place locally to abroad


  • Music- Any upbeat song gets me in a happy mood ( currently listening to Jax Jones-You Don’t Know Me)



  • Meditating- I know this sounds like a weird one but hear me out….after listening to a guided meditation I always feel at peace and happy for the rest of my day. Meditation just gets me in that mood.




What makes you happy? comment below!



Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x

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