7 Things I’ve Learned This Year

We are counting down until the new decade, can you believe 2020 is less than 11 days away; Time has really flown by and this got me reflecting back on the year so far and what I have learned. I have listed 7 top lessons that I want to share with you that has supported me in having a great year and to continue through 2020.
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1. No two days are the same- This is something I’ve had to remind myself constantly when a particular day doesn’t go to plan. Just because you might have had a bad day doesn’t mean that tomorrow will be the same. When life presents you with something,  you get to choose how you react, you are in control of your emotions and feeling. By simply switching the thought, language and emotion you can transform your reality.
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2. Don’t beat yourself up- This kind of goes hand in hand with the first one, when reflecting on a past experience that could have been handled a different way, don’t overthink and beat yourself up about it. There was a reason why that particular situation went the way it did, because at that moment you were living your truth and what felt authentic to you. It is also a great learning experience in what you would do differently if the same situation presented itself again.
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3. Celebrate your wins – 2019 was the year for achievements for everyone whether small or big, I saw so many people online and in real life celebrating their wins. Even I was celebrating and usually, I find it difficult because I constantly think about what I could have done better ( the perfectionist in me). Celebrating your highlights is such a great way to boost self-esteem and confidence within yourself (how ironic that little mix-power is playing in the background while I write).
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4. Smile and Laugh- Smile and laugh as many times as you can. Laugh until your belly is aching, that is the best laugh!
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5. Take time out for you- Take time to do things for you. I can’t stress enough that when you take time out for yourself you are reengerising your physical and mental self. Doing something you enjoy also spark creativity and inspiration for any projects you might have started or wanted to start.
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6. Step out your comfort zone- What the saying… ”Everything you want is on the other side of fear” and it’s so true. Stepping into the unknown can be uncomfortable for many reasons, but when you take that big leap of faith the reward you reap is amazing.
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7. Be your authentic self- We are often told we have to present a certain way of ourselves to different people for them to engage or like us but, when you lose who you are, it can be very detrimental to your identity. You start to have conflicting messages about who you really are and what you like. Being authentically yourself is to stand in your truth and not be swayed if someone does not like it.
What did you learn in 2019?


Live a powerful life X


”There is no failure. Only feedback.” – Robert Allen

You’ve might have heard these two terms but never knew what they explicitly mean. The fixed and growth mindset derives from Dr. Carol Dweck, who believe that humans carry two types of mindsets and how we experience life can be effective by the types of mindset we have. She is known for her work in psychology especially in human interaction and understanding peoples beliefs about their intelligence.

I’m here to give you a little crash course in what the two are and the benefits of having one type of mindset over another.

So what exactly is fixed and growth mindset?

A fixed mindset is having an outcome not turn out how a person expects and feeling like a complete failure and as a result of this feeling, every other experience, and interaction they have throughout the day, results in the same feeling of reject, the feeling the worlds out to get them and worthless. It is quite common for people with anxiety to have these reoccurring thoughts that can spiral out into days, weeks or even a month.
This feeling of failure can have a person reacting through overthinking or engaging in unhealthy substance to suppress their feelings for example, Alcohol drugs.

What is a growth mindset:
A growth mindset is having an outcome not turn out how a person might have expected but understanding that it is not the end of the world and the result they have will either push them to work differently, take inspired action from the outcome, see what they can do to improve or seek help. It’s about acknowledging the experiences and instead of blaming your self-worth, you take the movement to change your reality.

Which category do you think you are in? 

Fixed mindset, Growth mindset or Both?




Stay tuned to find out how you can benefit from changing to a growth mindset.
Be True, Be You X


Is it a coincidence you are reading this or was there an energy pulling you towards this post?

Ever been having troubles finding a definite answer to a worry you’ve been having and someone randomly talks about the same thing you were just worrying about and through their talk they either give you the answer or you find the answer in their message.

That is no coincidence. You were aligned to see that message.
The higher power you believe in whether you call it God/The Universe/Higher source made sure your worries, thoughts, and prayers were answered in a way that you never expected. Messages come in many different forms, overhearing conversations, through words on a screen, talking to someone, colours, animals, and feathers. From the moment you wake up to the time you lay your head to rest, you are being guided, looked after by the energy above. Don’t second guess it. Trust that everything is working for you and not against you.

I don’t know why I wrote this but, what I do know is that it is no coincidence. I was meant to write this. There was a reason why you chose to click on this specific post to read and a reason I wrote this.

If I can leave you with one message it will be this; Listen to yourself closely. Walk in faith and love. If you are feeling stuck at the moment, know greater things are on the horizon.
Stay Grounded X

I Was Living A Lie

I was living a lie and not living my truth


I recently saw this meme on Facebook and it caught my attention and resonated with me.
I remember when starting on my spiritual journey I would be inspired by other women and would question myself as when I was flicking through the endless of positive women, they were all very prim and proper, mind their p’s and q’s and was never sad. I on the hand was the total opposite of that, I go through emotions, I occasionally swear, dance and very sociable but, I also like to be an introvert and have my alone time with just me and a book. I believed the universe wouldn’t communicate with me because I wasn’t all the things I was ‘supposed’ to be.

It got to a point where I would hide my life on the internet so I appeared to fit into the social norm of being a ‘spiritual woman’. Now looking back I realise that it was utter BS, there is no definition of what a spiritual person needs to look or act like. Everyone’s definition of their spiritual growth is different, there is no one way.  I was feeding into the notion of something that did not represent me, I was living a lie.

I ended up having a pep talk with myself and vouched from now on to always live my truth, people are going to judge and it’s ok, they don’t know my worth and I don’t need to prove to them. I can be all those things above and still be living accustomed to a spiritual life that is for me, that connects me with the universe. All that matters is the levelling I continue to possess, will lead me into the multi-faceted woman I have always seen within me.
Stay Grounded X

Can Vulnerability Make You Stronger?

Naturally, we are built on survival mode. When we were primitive humans we were built to survive against danger. This behaviour has been ingrained in us for many years, to the point we rely on this survival mode to hide what we truly believe.

Being vulnerable is not fun. We don’t want to be prey to someone’s power. But, feelings are ok. Letting your guard down and being truthful with your emotions without masking it in survival mode is ok. In a recent post, I talk about how experiencing feelings are totally normal, the deeper the emotion the more connected you feel to it.

When we have this pretence of being strong, we don’t allow new people to fully connect with us and/or have true connections with people we already know. This feeling can be accumulated from a lot of things past experience, trauma, heartbreak however, these feelings don’t have to hinder us in the present with the relationships we have with people. Letting your guard down is kind of sexy…I know what you’re thinking, sexy? really? If you think about it, vulnerability is courageous and we commend people who do so. Vulnerability is healing, it’s about healing from your past self. It can lead to healthier relationships, better communication and more of an understanding of yourself and others. When people let their guard down you see them in a different light, you feel more connected to them, as they are showing you a deeper part of who they are.

I don’t really have any solid tips on how to become more vulnerable as I believe it’s a personal journey and everyone has their own experience with dealing with it. Nevertheless, I do believe it can make you stronger and have healthier relationships. I guess what I’m saying is, just be aware of the walls you’ve built and slowly start to let them down with the people you trust and love. You’ll soon realise it’s not as scary as you think.


Stay Grounded X