Go With The Flow



Change and fear of the unknown are one of the biggest anxieties people face including myself. I hate change and often feel panicked and anxious about a situation where I’m not in control or the thought of not being in control gets me feeling anxious. When I have entered the situation and it went surprisingly well, I always overthink why did I get myself so worked up about it.

I was listening to a video recently that made me fully understand why we are reluctant to change. We are scared of change because we consciously prejudge how a situation is going to go. Usually, it starts with the negative thoughts of us failing, we dive into those thoughts and before we know it we have gone into a spiral of questioning. We then find an excuse to why we can’t do it and search for evidence to strengthen our clarification that what we ‘believe’ is right.

But, what happens when you can’t run from a situation, what do you do?
Recently, I was in a predicament where I was offered an opportunity that I didn’t think I was capable for the role. Normally,
I would find any excuse to turn it down and then beat myself up about it later. But instead, I said yes!. I didn’t know what I was doing or even if I was appropriate for the role but, I went in there with the confidence and knowledge that whatever I do, I will gain from it.

Every situation you have been in has taught you something new about yourself, whether you enjoyed it or not. These are the fundamental lesson that you should be aware of when entering a new phase of change. When something is not to your taste, the lesson behind is ‘’ In order for me to know what I do like, I have to go through the things I don’t like’’. If you think about it, everything you’ve been doing, you once tried and didn’t know how it would turn out.
That is the beauty of going with the flow, you never know where it can take you and most of the time it always ends up in your favour.

So my message to you is to stop trying to control a situation because what you might think is not for you, is definitely meant for you.

best things happen unexpectedly

Stay Grounded X

How To Take Action On Your Goals

The end of the year is fast approaching only 3months left, so you decide to look at your goals from the start of the year and you realise that either you’ve forgotten about one of the goals, the goal doesn’t resonate with you anymore or the goal is still a goal and you haven’t accomplished it yet. You then start to think what have I been doing throughout the year, have I made any changes to my life. Well, the answer is yes, although it might not have been the goals you wrote down at the start of the year, every day you are overcoming obstacles and fears that are changing you without you even knowing it.

Yet you still have those goals looming over you; fear not! because although we have 3 months left,  you have 103 days starting from today to turn those goals into a reality. The common reason behind why goals take longer and harder to become a reality is because we set an intention without any action, which means that we write down the goal without breaking down the steps in order to reach the goal.

For example, a goal can be to eat healthier.

How do you break down the steps in order to make this a reality? Below is an example of the actions you will take in order to reach the goal.

Look up healthy recipes online
Slowly cut down one at a time, snacks and junk food
Introduce more fruit and vegetables to my diet
Opt for a grilled version instead of fried
And so forth.

In order to leave this year on a high, start off by breaking down each goal that you haven’t achieved as of yet and start working towards making it a reality. It all starts now.

That is 103 days. 14 weeks. 2,472 hours to achieve all your goals by the end of the year.

This is my message to you, YOU CAN DO IT!!


”A goal without any action is just a dream.”


Stay Grounded X

Are You A Positive Speaker or Believer?

Are you a positive speaker or a positive believer? Think about it for a minute.

Whats the difference you may ask….

Well in this world there are two types of people, the positive speakers who love giving positive advice to support and boost others confidence and who tend to say the right things. They are seen as someone who is very positive about life and what life has to offer. However, these types of people kindly share advice to others but don’t take the same advice for themselves. Inside they are filled with anxiety, self-doubt, and fear that the desire they want will never become a reality.

The other type of person is the positive believer, the positive believers believe in the words their express, they understand that whatever they truly desire will become a reality for them, no matter how many obstacles enter their path; their words match their thoughts which will always match their beliefs. Once you believe in the thought and the words you say, your approach to experiences will always end on a positive note. You ever heard the saying your mind is a powerful tool or something along that line, well that statement is absolutely fundamental in a believers mantra. Don’t get me wrong, I understand you can not be positive all the time we are only humans and are bound to have bad days but, in those times it’s your thoughts and beliefs that you will get you out of the low vibration and into the positive mindset.

For me I over think a lot of things, my mind gets carried away with the talking within me and takes it to another level. I have found a way to combat the energy from being a positive thinker to a positive believer and that is repetition. The influence of repetition is astounding!! Think about it…the more you repeat something to yourself, the more you believe it, right. So if you constantly repeat something positive to yourself the more you will believe that the desire is truly yours; you see where I am going with this.

For example, if I told myself every morning and every evening, I will have a new car. The more I would say it the more it would start to be ingrained in my head which will result in me believing I am worthy of the car I desire.

Give yourself a little task today by repeating something 5 times that you truly want and you’ll start to find the small doubts you have in your head will diminish and the belief that you can truly have it will power over.



believe and recieve

Stay Grounded X