The Mastery Of Life

The grounded tree- Mastery of life

Every day we are presented with a new situation that tests us as humans. We get tested on our patients, beliefs, behaviour, faith and many more. Often we have two ways we approach it, we either complain profusely or we don’t engage with it at all. Mainly we start with the first and go into […]

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2018-The Year That Taught Me


The year is coming to an end and it’s time to reflect back on how it has all planned out. Find out what my core values are for this year.

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How To Form & Commit To A New Habit

Inspiration Advice

Find it hard to form a new habit, which results in you finding it difficult to commit to it. A new inspiration post that enables you to breakthrough these challenges!

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The Truth About Taking Accountability For Your Actions

The truth about accountability

Taking accountability is something most people struggle with, including me. This was a goal of mine for 2018 to own up to any mishap, this was spread out to the relationship I have with myself to the relationships I have with others. I believe there’s a stigma about owning up to your mistakes, like its […]

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