How To Release and Manage Stress

liveout loudStress is a physical and mental response to your body being overworked. Through this response the mind and the body start to irrationally request demands from you that can threat your wellbeing. In the physical sense it can increase your heart rate and create tension within the body. Mentally, it can make you very anxious,  highly emotional and question everything you do. This is the point where you need to take a step back and take time out for yourself and breathe. However, before you get to this stage, you need to recognise the things that trigger you inside. Is it taking too much on? or is it that everything is stored in your head and you need to find a way to get it on paper.

Earlier this month, I took on a lot of work and found myself reaching the peak point of where I became severely stressed. It was honestly the worst week of my life, I knew this wasn’t me and I felt like I was spiralling into a deep dark hole.  Despite this all being within me, I needed to find a release and my release was talking it out with someone who I trust. This was a crucial point as they made me aware I was taking on too much; in that moment I realised the unhealthy amount of work I have put myself through was damaging myself. After the talk, I felt a lot calmer and my thoughts were more rational and I knew what I needed to do. It was to take one task at a time and learn to say no.  I started to do things that would release the feelings of being stress for example, writing 2/3 things I needed to do that day and continue it through the week. I baked lovely cupcakes and binged on them 🙂

When we are caught up we tend to forget how to tackle the stress. Below I have a few suggestions that can help when recognising the feeling of stress and ways to combat it.


  • Talking to friends or a mentor 
  • Doing something you enjoy e.g.. baking a cake
  • Writing down your thoughts( getting it on paper takes it from it being all in your head to logically seeing the things you need to complete on paper)
  • Going sleep ( although it is going to be there when you wake up, sometimes just not thinking about it for an hour can help)
  • Start small- get two things done started with the biggest task and then work your way down over a span of X amount of days
  • Say no( learn to say no)
  • Breathe
  • Meditation ( there are great apps and videos on youtube on meditation)
  • Keep hydrated
  • Eat
  • Gratitude 

What are your own ways of managing stress, I would love to know!



Stay Grounded X

What Are Your Core Values

Happy English LanguageDay!

We visualise this dream of how wonderful our life will be and we tend to make goals with no sense of direction to fulfil us right to end. Now when I say fulfil us right to the end, I don’t mean the completion of our goal, I mean we often loose the core value that drives us to the end of the goal. We just strive to just complete the goal.

When you think about your dream life does your values involve them? many of us miss this option as we think it already comes with the goal but, have you ever sat down and thought what are your core values?


What dictates your core values for who you are today in 2018. Is it motivation, communication or love? Setting goals with core values behind it makes you reach the goal higher and stronger.

Every day we are evolving into a new being and every day requires us to focus on our core values in life. Once you understand your core values, you progress more in life.

My question to you is what are your core values? Below I have a few prompts to get you started

Your core values:

  • Freedom
  • Security
  • Stability
  • Love
  • Power
  • Communication
  • Acceptance

Now I want you to look over your 2018 goals list and if you have not set your goals yet, I want you to create some. With those goals in mind I want you to add one of the core values example or one of your own against each of the goals. Reflect on how the goal will come into fruition alongside the values and let that steer your mindset into your dream life.

I know this is a lot to get your head around but once you start simple and small, this will become second nature to you.

the best

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

The Year Of You


New year, new growth, new challenges.”- Lia be

Trying to get organised for the new year is a continuous goal we all have each year. We try to make it last but we always seem to fall short within the first month (myself included). If your like me, you’ll buy the notebooks, planners, use apps on your phone to stay organised but no matter how much you try, it does seem to last long.

You might fall into the mindset of ‘I am lazy’, ” I’ll do it tomorrow” or ”It’s not for me”. However, the words you tell yourself, are the actions you produce. In order to stop this limiting belief, you need to to be mindful with your words before you take action.

When I say be mindful of your words, I mean stop using excuses to stop you from doing something. Stop allowing those beliefs about being lazy affect your results. The only thing that is stopping you is you.

Before we take action in becoming organised we need to start small & simple. It all starts with the words we tell ourselves and that we speak out. This starts with changing the should of, would of, could of’s to I will & I can.

When we start to change the words, then the real action beings.

So lets start!

Here are a few sentences we can start:

I will and I can [ Insert task/goal]

I am capable of smashing this 

I can complete this 

I am fulfilled when doing this task

Why not come up with your own & display it somewhere where you can see it.


P.s Happy New Year!! Thank you so much for the love and support I get on this blog. I cherish every moment from the process of writing  to the lovely comments I received. I can not thank you all enough. Thank you once again & I will see you in 2018 ♥

the year

The Benefits Of Spending Time Alone

Oprah Alone quote

We are constantly surrounded by people and energies  physically, mentally & virtually. In a matter of minutes we can contact anyone around the world. We step out of our humble abode and we we’re surrounded by energies.  We spend so much time surrounded by people frankly, by the end of the day we are exhausted. It can be overwhelming and some times we need to get away. It’s time to shut the world out and focus on you.

Spending alone time is very therapeutic & I’m here to tell you why you should spend good quality time by yourself.

The benefits of spending time alone:

  • More Time- You have more time to spend doing what you want to do & not comprising with someone else. If that means going to the museum or sleeping in till noon, then you can do it!


  • Know Yourself- By spending alone time, you learn so much about yourself.  You start to explore yourself from within. You learn what you like and don’t like or how to communicate better with yourself or others on an advance level. You can kind of say it’s like therapy but for yourself 🙂


  • Disconnect- When I say alone time, I mean A-L-O-N-E Time! That means without any social media to distract you. Just you & you alone. Disconnecting from virtual reality helps you become more productive and get shit done.


  • Independence- Spending time alone creates more independence within yourself. The things you couldn’t bare to do without someone else, you are doing happily by yourself,


  • Validation- Whenever we do something, we always seek validation from someone as we don’t trust our intuition. This tip goes in hand with tip number 2, when we know our self  we know to trust our intuition and stop seeking validation from others. It is easier said than done but by tuning into ourselves we learn how to compact self doubt.


Solitude quote

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You x



How To Get Sh*t Done

do it

‘’ All I want to do is curl up in bed all day’’, who has said that line before or something similar. I know for sure I have ( atleast twice a week).

Although sitting in bed is fun, there is plenty of sh*t that needs to be done as soon as possible and sitting around in bed is not going to help.

So, I’m here to tell you stop procrastinating and get sh*t done!! Think of me as a little fairy god mother, constantly nagging you but always praising you once it’s done.

* Lia the fairy godmother*

Here are some suggestions to actually get things efficiently done:

1.Wake up early

Don’t roll your eyes at this one, it’s easier than it sounds. It’s proven that if you wake up early, you have more energy to start tasking and to get it done before midday. That means you have the rest of  the day to relax in bed and netflix and chill. See I told you this was a good one!

2.Have some breakfast

While your at it, have breakfast to keep the body and mind energised. A nice breakfast can contain oats and banana. Potassium is found in many food such as bananas, nuts & seeds. The minerals in potassium helps balance the control of the fluids in the body and also helps the heart muscles to work properly.

3.Hide your phone

Your phone is a big distraction and thats what stopping you from getting the jobs done. Best option is to turn your phone on airplane mode or off and put it another room so it does not distract you. Once everything is done, you can scroll until your hearts content.

4.Listen to music

Get those speakers pumping!! I am a lover of listening to upbeat music when I’m tasking, it makes the activity faster and I enjoy it more.

5.Reward yourself

There’s nothing like rewarding yourself after completing a bunch of things you didn’t think will get done. Have some chocolate or wine or both. It’s a treat only for you!!



Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You x

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude


Gratitude is the most rewarding feeling ever. Gratitude is a feeling you can’t shake off which will be with you every second of the day.

I always think there is two sides of the spectrum for gratitude. There is feeling grateful for when things are going extremely good and there is the feeling of gratitude when everything is changing but you still reflect on the things you’re grateful for.

For example, I am grateful that you have taken your time out of your day to read my blog, whether I get a few views or 100’s of views. I thank you all for your time, your comments, likes & shares. Even while writing this I feel an overwhelmed sensation of appreciation that actually in fact has made me cry ( happy tears of course).

I am currently reading The Magic by Rhonda Byrne and each morning she teaches you the use of gratitude and how beneficial it is. Each morning before you get up, she prompts you to list 10 things you are grateful for. Since practising this exercise I have seen a huge mental change within me and every morning and night I tell myself out loud 10 things I’m grateful for( even though she says you can do it in the morning). In addition to my morning routine, in the evening I tend to show my appreciation for the day with a ‘ thank you’.

I want you to be in a constant state of gratitude no matter what your circumstances are. Everyone’s grateful for something whether that’s their pet, friend or family, we all have something to be grateful for.

Starting from today you will write/say out loud 10 things you are grateful for and after you’re done I want you to say this little mantra after ‘’ I am thankful for everything I’m currently experiencing and everything I have to come’’.


Here are some examples to kick start you:

-I am grateful for the clean running water 

-I am grateful for all my senses 

-I am grateful for the love and support I receive from everyone

-I am grateful for the money I am able to spend



Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You x


How To Plan A Productive Day


You wake up from a blissful sleep to your mind kick starting in overdrive, reminding you of all the tasks you have to complete within the day but, all that energy just thinking about it, makes you want to turn over and go back to sleep. However, you soon realise the more you put it off, the more it piles up and it sends you into melt down.

Well I’m here to tell you how to have a successful day completing your goals list without going for a nap( I am guilty of this).


  • Start the day bright and early- Set an alarm for an hour before your normal wake up time to break out of your usual routine. What helps me is to put a positive song to kick start my day. Currently, my alarm clock song is The Beetles- Here comes the sun. As soon as I hear the intro, it sends me into high vibes and metaphorically I feel the blazing, warm sun ignite within me ( sun in england is pretty much non existent so I feel it within).


  • Goals list- Write everything down you want to complete during the day. But, not just an ordinary boring to-do list. Make it fun! Write it in riddles or song lyrics that relate to the task on hand. This way it is less tedious and more exciting!!


goals listt

  • Visualisation- Think about how good it will feel to get all the tasks on your list fully completed. If it helps, think about the pure relaxation you’ll have when you’re finished.


  • Work- Now it times to actually do everything on that list without getting lazy or distracted. However if you need to take short intervals between each task to recuperate, that is totally fine. Just make sure your breaks don’t turn into hour long rest.


  • Gratitude- Show gratitude to the task you are completing or have completed.  You can either say it out loud, in your head or you can even write it down. Showing gratitude puts you in high vibes for appreciation of the day and you can look back with a big smile on your face because it will be so worth it in the end. Why not have a celebratory dance.

”I am so thankful that I have completed everything on my goals list. I am grateful I had the motivation to not give up when I got distracted but to pursue the task on hand x”


good use

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You x