4 signs you’re self sabotaging and their solutions.

We all dream about being successful and for many of us this is something we are working on but, there is this one thing that keeps stopping us and that is ourselves. Self-sabotage is the act of stopping one’s self from achieving our goals and dreams. Here are some ways that self-sabotage is contributing to your life.



1.Comparison- You compare yourself to others and their achievements and question your ability to being ‘not good enough’.


2. Procrastination- When a deadline is near you tend to procrastinate; you distract yourself from what you need to do by doing unnecessary activities that don’t contribute to what you need to focus on. And when you try to go back into the routine you find it hard to keep up motivation.


3. Negative self-talk- This coincides with procrastination, when you’re putting something off, it can start to be governed by your fear and your ego ( that annoying voice that tells you we can’t do anything), when you hear your ego talking, you can feel disheartened and feed into the negative self-thought that ‘you’re not good enough’ or you’re not like that person who’s thriving.


4. You’re focusing on the problem and not the solution- When a problem occurs, all 3 previous signs play a massive role in your self-sabotage. You start to immerse yourself in what is wrong and let the emotions take over. It can lead to not thinking logically about the solution that can help you get out of this problem and this feeling.

Can you identify with one of these signs?……

Now that you’ve identified with one or more signs what ways can you combat this? Let’s see how we can create a solution.

Solutions to these signs can look like:

1. Focus- Focusing on your journey and the achievements you have made during your lifetime. Celebrating how far you have come can help boost your self-confidence to achieve more.

2. Weed out what is not necessary- Nowadays it’s quite easy to get yourself distract through your phone, tv, conversations, and many other things. To counteract procrastination. Why not remove any unnecessary devices out of your space or if you’re getting distracted by someone you can politely request that you would like 30 minutes to yourself without being distracted.

3. Change your tune-It’s easy to listen and get consumed by your negative thoughts when it’s running at 100 mph and your ego starts to project their fears on to you and, it’s also scary the thought of failure as no one likes to feel that way, but, by changing the way you speak to yourself and/or of situations can present a different outcome. Wouldn’t you rather say ‘I’m glad I took the risk and did that’, instead of ‘I wish I did that’.

4. Solution >Problem-A great way to overcome a problem is to remove yourself and look at it from a Birdseye view. Remove the ‘I’ statement and see what can be done to change this problem into a solution.

Add a heading


”Self-sabotage kills more dreams than failure ever will”The Grounded Tree

A Moment Of Silence

How to find the blissful moments of doing absolutely nothing

Inspiration of the week

Have you ever been so busy that the minute you take some time to rest, you feel guilty about not doing the never-ending to-do list and then you panic and try to run to your nearest thing that needs completing. Well, I am here to tell you that not everything needs to be done right away and it’s time to start seizing the moments of doing absolutely nothing and not feeling guilty about it.

This week If you have a moment to yourself, just embrace the moment and that means doing absolutely nothing until it feels right to move forward. Don’t let your thoughts interrupt you with the feeling of guilt, see your thoughts like clouds moving along and before you know it, those feelings are gone.

Quote of the week: ‘’The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it’’- Richard Bach

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International Women’s Day

Happy international women’s day to all the ladies who are smashing life!

This is a short message to the influential women in my life.

Thank you for inspiring me

Thank you for teaching me my full potential 

Thank you for the wisdom you speak

Thank you for the love you share

Thank you for your encouragement

Thank you for being my mentor

Thank you for supporting me.

May we all be inspired by the women who influence us on a daily basis. 

Stay Grounded X

Organisation Is Key

Learn all about how staying organise can keep you ahead of the game!

Inspiration of the week

The feeling of having your life together is one of the most euphoric moments. You feel like a true adult smashing life!
We always want the end result but we forget what we have to do in order to get to it. By taking some time out at the beginning of the week to organise your plans for the commencing week, it will highly benefit you in the long run and as a result you can thank past you, for being so productive that future doesn’t have stress.

This week if you have not already started I want you open that planner, notes, calendar whatever you use and start organising your week ahead.

You can thank me later 🙂

Quote of the week: ‘’ Organised life=Tidy mind’’

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Embracing The Uncertanity Of Life

The art of embracing the uncertanity of life can be pretty scary. Find out how you can turn this fear into good energy.

Embrace the uncertainty blog post

Every day we are faced with uncertainty with the decision, experiences and thoughts we go through on a daily basis and some of the thoughts can be on a minuscule level such as ‘’ Will the bus arrive in 3 minutes? ’’, we don’t know for certain if the bus is going to arrive in 3 minutes but we embrace that uncertainty and we know that the bus will eventually arrive or if not in 3 minutes there is an alternative. We tend to have a nonchalant attitude towards smalls thoughts like this but, when it comes to an experience that will have a bigger impact on us, we often get into an anxious state.

Why do we not share the same attitude that we have for the bus with the bigger things in life?
Because the uncertainty scares us and as humans, we like to have control of our lives and what is going to happen next.

We should embrace uncertainty as a means of improvement. By acknowledging and welcoming this feeling we are accepting that it is there but what we do next determines how we manipulate the thought to bring the best outcome for us.
For example, If you are stuck in the mud and can’t get out, your mind starts to irrationally go into overdrive but if you acknowledge the feeling (that you are stuck) and that you don’t know how your going to get out but you know there is a way and you start to strategically find ways to release yourself. You have fundamentally found a way to overcome that situation which was the best outcome for you.

I hope this all makes sense as this is something I am still working on and by sharing my journey with you. It can help unleash any limiting thoughts you may have.

I guess what I am saying is, stop letting the fear of the unknown stop you from doing the things you want to do in life. Walk in faith, understand that you might not know how you will get to your end result but by embracing the uncertainty and having that energy of determination you will push through in life.

Stay Grounded X

How I Organise My Life

If you’re anything like me adulting can be tough at times. There are so many responsibilities, jobs and overall things you need to remember; and then you would end up forgetting what you needed to complete and the inevitable cycle happens once again.
It got to a point where I didn’t know what to do, so then I started to stick post-it notes around my room to help me remember but, they always end up disappearing and I couldn’t remember what I ever wrote down.

I felt like everything I tried didn’t work.
I had a little pep talk with myself and ask ‘’what can I do to feel more organised and how can I make it fun for me?’’

It was until I dedicated some time that I ended up finding a planner that suited me (I love anything that has quotes on it so this was perfect for me.)

Everything was going so well, I absolutely loved the planner and felt a sense of accomplishment and a bit of an organisation queen. Until I kept leaving the planner at home and felt myself slipping back into my old ways.

Then it hit me!! My phone is always by my side so why not record all my dates and reminders there.

So below is an example of how I organise my life:

*Due to privacy reasons I had to cover up names

An easy way to help navigate my life was to colour code. Each colour has specific category. There is-
Social- This includes social events, meet up’s with family and friends and birthdays
University- Any university work, meetings, deadlines
Work- Any work dates, meetings etc.
Gym-The days I go to the gym and what I do there
The grounded tree- Anything to do with the grounded tree

Now, I use both my planner and calendar in conjunction with each other. It’s great because if I forgot my book, I still have what I need right on my phone.

If you are trying to get organised, why not try out the calendar on your phone or if you’re old school and prefer something physical, why not invest in a diary. It’s really beneficial in the long run.

Stay Grounded X

Stand Tall Like A Flower

Inspiration Of The Week

When a flower is healthy it radiates, stands tall and glows from every angle. When it hasn’t been watered or looked after it starts to wilt and shrink. The same thing applies to our mind and body. This is more common when we are stressed or going through a stressful time, we tend to not look after ourselves and start to wilt and shrink metaphorically.

This weeks inspiration is to remember whenever you are going through a stressful time, you need to indulge in a bit of TLC to rejuvenate yourselves so you can stand tall and radiate like a flower.

Quote of the week: Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott

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Take Risks In Life

Nothing great comes from the comfort zone. So what are you waiting for?

Inspiration Advice

Inspiration of the week

Life is all about taking good risks. What I mean are the risks that elevate you as a person, the risks that propel you from moving out of the comfort zone, the type that you have no clue what’s going on but you know it’s for your highest good.

Every action you take leads you to something better, taking that leap of faith will be your biggest reward. Jump and never look back because your future awaits you with open arms.

This week I want you to take that risk and jump into something you’ve been talking yourself out of. Every small step you take leads you to your new adventure.

Quote of the week: Nothing great comes from the comfort zone

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Stay Grounded X


Well hello there 2019! Let’s see what you’ve got planned for us

Inspiration Advice

Hello and welcome 2019!

This weeks inspiration is going to be a quick one from me.

May this year bring you good health, happiness, courage, wealth and many memorable achievements. This is the year to rid any old habits and unwanted thoughts that take up space in your life. The new upgraded version of you, is ready to take this year by the horns.

This is day 1 of the magical 365 days. Make this day count

P.s Thank you for continuously supporting me throughout the year of 2018, with your kind words, your likes, and shares. It never goes unnoticed and I truly appreciate it. Thank you 🙂

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Stay Grounded X

9 Ways To Invest In Yourself

Invest in yourself

When was the last time you invested in yourself?

You might be thinking what do you mean investing in myself? I mean the investment where you spend some quality time by yourself and did not feel guilty about it. We are often frivolous to spend our time on others but when it comes to ourselves we lack the same enthusiasm. Perhaps one reason behind this could be because there is not enough time in the day or week for you to fully relax because they are always something that needs to be done.

In our bodies we produce endorphins, endorphins are the chemicals that are released in our bodies that cause us to feel good, by doing the things that nurture us we unknowingly release this chemical. As humans, we want to have this feeling on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So why do we not do this often?   For me, I love sitting at home with the candles lit and I go down the rabbit hole of watching Youtube and Netflix or blogging, I love the process of writing a blog post and sharing my knowledge and experiences with you. That feeling of joy that we reap should always be our attitude towards investing in ourselves overall.

Spending quality time by yourself doesn’t have to be hours on end, it could be an hour to all day. Below I have some examples of how you can spend some quality time by yourself  tapping into the mind body and soul



-Listen to a podcast to inspire your mind

-Write your thoughts and wishes in a journal

– Declutter your mind


-Go for a walk in nature (listening to the sounds around you, how do they make you feel)

-Exercise ( yoga, gym, kick boxing, pole fitness, horse riding etc)

-Cook yourself a nourishing 3 course meal



-Explore your creative side

-Start that side hustle you’ve been putting off

-Learn a new skill by enrolling in a course


Do you know about the wellness wheel? This is a great way to focus on investing in yourself in all aspect of your life through the dimensions of wellness. To learn all about it click here


Stay Grounded X