Do you want more out of life but don’t know how to execute it. A spiritual journey just might be what your’e looking for. Find out what a spiritual journey is and how it can work for you.

A spiritual journey or spiritual awakening is used interchangeably to describe a journey of old patterns that no longer serve you and has you wanting to move out of that space and into a new one. It’s about taking charge of your life and living your truth. When embarking on this journey it can bring up some feelings and memories you might have blocked, suppressed or haven’t felt before, these feelings make you acknowledge and work on changing these old patterns so they no hold you back in your new sphere.

Each spiritual journey is unique to individuals but the ultimate goal is working through the patterns that hinder your life. You might be thinking how do I know if I am called towards something different? You’ll start to question your current reality and wanting more. Below I collated a few ways in which your soul wants to move in a new direction

  • You want more out of life. You might want something to change drastically in your life but you don’t know what
  • You are conscious that this version of your life no longer serve you
  • You feel a bit lost in life
  • You are having more conscious awareness of your negative habits and thoughts
  • You want to deeply understand who you are

I’m currently embarking on my own spiritual journey and was one of the reasons why I felt compelled to write this post. I started by answering some question I wrote for myself. And let me tell you it was the hardest thing to do, acknowledging my vulnerability in a way I have never done before. I knew all the answers subconsciously but I just did not want to face it, so I suppress it and suppress it. These questions enabled me to understand why I think the way I do, it helps me understand and recognise the root of the cause. The awakening I want, won’t happen overnight but if I keep reminding myself of the beautiful end goal through this awakening, present me will understand why I have to go through this challenging but rewarding journey.

Below are 10 questions I asked myself at the beginning of my journey. You don’t have to answer all 10, you can pick out the ones that resonate with you or you can complete all 10 questions. Remember to be as detailed as possible. You’ll find more truth hidden in between the lines than what is on the surface.

What are you afraid of?

Why are you scared of failure?

Do you feel like you express enough love to yourself?

Do you respect yourself?

Are you a good example for those around me?

Do the people in your life add value?

Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?

What experiences have not healed your heart?

How would your life be if you did not have any fear or self-doubt?

When was the last time you were truly proud of yourself?

Please keep me updated if you are currently on a spiritual journey, just started or ultimately finished and want to share your journey.

Stay Grounded X


When was the last time you allowed yourself to receive?

Have you ever received a compliment and you instantly retaliate with putting yourself down? An example of this is, a person telling you they enjoy your work and you reply ”thanks, but what you do is much more incredible” or when someone tells you they like something of yours like a t-shirt you’re wearing and you’re quick to put yourself down.

We’ve all been there. We continuously deflect anything that is positive towards us, sometimes it’s out of awkwardness but if we go deeper into that feeling, it actually comes from a place of low self esteem. When we feel highly of ourselves we receive without any deflection and accept who we are. 

A small simple step, but the hardest step is just to accept abundance. Allow yourself to receive, whether that comes in the form of compliments, gifts and any other luxuries, just receive without any hesitation. That does not mean becoming arrogant, it’s about being appreciative of what you are receiving without feeling bad for it.

Starting from today, whenever you receive a compliment just say thank you. Don’t justify it, just say thank you!

For the first few experiences you’re going to be itching to say something back but, just remember you are worthy of every word, gifts and luxuries you receive.

That’s all for today 🙂

Stay Grounded X


Earlier this week I did a post about detoxing and I left it pretty open in how you might want to detox.
In this post, I want to go into more depth about how to detox your mind. The brain is the most complex organ and with that, our mind is repeatedly filled with knowledge, our ego, unnecessary things, trauma, memories, and many more complicated topics. And we allow our minds to take over and exaggerate what we think, to the point we start to believe the stories we tell ourselves. A habit that most of us do, including myself is to keep all of our worries and anxieties cooped up in our mind, out of fear of being vulnerable or feeling uncomfortable, so we let it manifest in our head. This is how overthinking is formed and it plays a big role in how we perceive situations externally.

Now I don’t have all the answers to detoxing your mind, but I certainly know this; It starts and ends with you. Only you can regain the power in letting go of this limiting habit that has taken a toll on you.

Some useful ways and reminders in detoxing your mind for the better:

Speak to someone:
There is always support wherever you go but you won’t know that until you open up. Seek out the people in your life who you trust and tell them your anxieties and fears. You will feel much better when you’ve expressed how you feel.

No quick fix:
Understand detoxing your mind is not a quick fix, you had years and years programming this belief in your brain and it won’t go overnight. But, by recognising these limiting qualities you have and spending time actively changing the story in your head to the point that you believe it, that’s when you will see a real difference.

The ego:
It’s your ego that is creating these false perceptions and realities that keep your brain working overtime. The ego has this thing where it tries to come up with this would of, should of solution and from that, you dwell on the past and try to change what has gone.

Write your worries down:
Writing down what is keeping you in a locked mindset enables you to take what is in your head and physically see it on paper. A place where you can separate your emotions and reflect on what you want to eliminate.

Let go:
Let go of any trauma, past memories that no longer have a place in your mind. Allow that experience to help you move on by thanking the experience and letting it go with love

Remove external factors:
I always say this but if there is something in your physical space that no longer needs to be there. Get rid of it. This could be objects that remind you of something, people who you want to distance away from or move on. When your physical space is balanced so is your mind.

Digital detox:
We are always on our phones and we get the most information from there but, all that information can actually be detrimental to our health if we are consuming the wrong stuff. Cut down on the things you consume via technology, this can be the people you follow on social media, social media as a whole or limiting your time on the most frequent technology you use.

Stay Grounded X

The Perks Of A Detox

Is there an area that is no longer uplifting you? Find out why taking a detox can benefit you.

A detox or a cleanse is all about lessening the amount of energy you put into something as it starts to have a negative effect on your mind, body, and soul. It’s a sign to release all the toxins that no longer uplift you. When we are caught up in the negative toxic state, we get unhappy, we start to compare ourselves to others and we suppress the person we truly are and before you know it you are in a complete rut.
Detox or cleanse is the step before you completely burn out, by stepping back and observing your patterns, you are able to alter the energy you put into something and turn it into something that makes you feel good.
Is there something in your life that perhaps you need to take a cleanse from, step back and observe what no longer uplifts you and start the process of removing it from your life.

Quote of the week: ”Find the ultimate balance that brings you inner peace” – The Grounded Tree

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The Power Of Your Words

When you speak negative your reality becomes negative. Learn how to change the negatives into a positive with a few simple words!

Naturally, we put ourselves down out of self-habit. We’ve been accustomed through society to believe we can’t say positive things about ourselves to others or receive positive compliments, in fear it will come out as being self-indulged or self-centered. So we aim to downplay our greatness or say the negative side to the statement.

I know this far too well as I always do it in my everyday life, especially when someone compliments or congratulates me. I catch myself saying ‘’thanks but…’’ and that but turns into a bunch of sentence of self-loathing about the thing they have complimented me on.
It became so natural to me that I don’t realise until I noticed the words I was speaking about myself started to affect how I truly felt about me. The light bulb didn’t ping until I did something that I was extremely proud of and got numerous of compliments on and instead of saying thanks but, I said thank you I am proud of myself too and I left it. I didn’t say a word after that and I truly did feel proud. Speaking those positive words to myself really did something to me mentally and physically. I felt much lighter, happier and acceptance of what I am good at.

This experience has taught me to speak greatly of myself because the words you speak are the same words that will radiate inside you; speak positively about yourself and it will show, speak negatively about yourself and you’ll see how much it will affect you in your day to day life.

One message I will share with you. You are made for greatness, don’t let any self-doubt, hate or negative thoughts affect the greatness you’ve achieved; whether small or big if you are proud of yourself do not be unapologetic by it, shout it from the rooftop. Have that moment of honour for yourself. Speak highly of yourself, because you weren’t put on this earth to be mediocre!

Stay Grounded X

How To Stop Being Hard On Yourself

Support yourself. Avoid becoming the villain in your own story- Sade Andria Zabala

Do you compare yourself to others…Do you find yourself not having your life together but at the same time have your life together…Do you find yourself saying ‘’I could have done better’’ when you have given your best?

These are all the thoughts we have when we self- criticise ourselves. If you are a perfectionist, you have definitely heard a few of these words float around your head. The saying ‘’we are our own worst critic’’ is so true, we speak so negatively about ourselves that through the repetitive thoughts and feelings, we start to believe them and then we try to reach this unattainable goal that we claim as perfection.

This is a mindset we need to stop. We are being too hard on ourselves and it is affecting the way we view ourselves.

Here are a few messages that will help shift your thoughts:

  • Every mistake is a contribution to your growth
  • Let go of the idea of perfectionism ( little secret: It doesn’t exist)
  • Stop panicking over things that are out of your control
  • Stop replaying the situation in your head and scrutinising every detail….. Let it go
  • You do have your life together!!
  • Cut yourself some slack
  • Treat yourself how you treat your loved ones
  • Celebrate your growth

”Support yourself. Avoid becoming the villain in your own story.”-Sade Andria Zabala

Stay Grounded X

Stand Tall Like A Flower

Inspiration Of The Week

When a flower is healthy it radiates, stands tall and glows from every angle. When it hasn’t been watered or looked after it starts to wilt and shrink. The same thing applies to our mind and body. This is more common when we are stressed or going through a stressful time, we tend to not look after ourselves and start to wilt and shrink metaphorically.

This weeks inspiration is to remember whenever you are going through a stressful time, you need to indulge in a bit of TLC to rejuvenate yourselves so you can stand tall and radiate like a flower.

Quote of the week: Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott

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The 7 Dimensions Of Wellness

spring cleaning

*Free PDF worksheet*

Ever felt like you have your life together but, there are certain areas that could be improved. I’m not talking about a drastic change but one that you can simply build from, by having an awareness of where you need to improve on.
Recently I had that feeling, the feeling to get my life in order just a little bit more, so I decided to look at the areas of my life without being too harsh on myself. This is how I discovered the 7 dimensions of wellness.
This is an exercise where you can judge what level your wellness is currently at and how fulfilled you are in this area too. There are 7 dimensions that make up your life Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Financial and Environment. Each area makes up a portion of how multi-dimensional your life is. Think of it as a checklist and you are ticking to see if everything is balanced.
I will break down what each area consist of and the examples.
Physical wellness is the ability to exercise
Eat a well-balanced meal
Drinking the daily recommended water intake
Managing stress levels
Having regular check up’s (dental, doctors, sexual health)

Feeling balanced on an emotional scale
Acknowledging your faults from a non-judgemental place
Taking time out to recharge
Managing healthy relationships between yourself and others
Getting plenty of rest

Gaining knowledge about the world around you
Engaging with learning something new
Reading, watching films or listening to podcasts
Talking to new people
Reading the newspaper

Understand your beliefs
Knowing your self worth
Connecting to your higher self
Understanding your mind and body

Having a balanced social life
Spending time with family and friends
Doing activities you enjoy
Actively developing healthy relationships
Interacting with the world

Investing your money into the right things
Having a saving accounts
Creating a budget
Learning about becoming more financially stable

Having an awareness of the social issues with the environment
Decluttering your room
Taking other uses of transportation
Taking care of your surroundings

Overall score:

Your overall score is an indication how balanced out of 100 you are currently feeling out of all the 7 areas. You should be aiming to be scoring 10 in each earlier, but fear not if you haven’t scored a perfect ten because thats when you discover how to improve.

Once you have rated these 7 areas out of 10 to your satisfaction, it is now time to acknowledge where you could improve.
Underneath the wheel I want you to write down how you will improve to boost your score.

For example, my personal rating for the environmental area is a 6. I do recycle my rubbish but, I do not actively have any awareness about buying local produced products over imported products and what they do to keep the meat persevered. This is just one way I can improve to boost my levels in the environmental area.

I have created a free PDF worksheet which enables you to see the wellness wheel and the examples that come under each area. You can print it out or fill it in automatically.

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Stay Grounded X

How To Take Care Of Your Health


We have all been in the position where someone has asked you to do something and you know you should say no, but because you feel bad and feel on the spot, you do it anyway and before you know it, you are overthinking why you said yes to taking on more work.
As soon as you’re doing the work you notice that it’s affecting your sleep, your ‘me’ time and your health and really and truly you should have just said no.
Putting yourself first sounds like one rule you don’t even have to think about, it’s like of course, you have to put yourself first. However, it is easier said than done. When you are a person who wants to help others, you can end up entwined in other peoples lives and abandon yourself.

This was me recently and I learned the hard way. I was killing myself at work and accepting extra responsibilities here and there and slowly I was becoming ill, I thought it was something minor and it wouldn’t affect me so, I carried on with my responsibilities. Until I felt a shift in my health, I was becoming weak, weaker than normal and it didn’t feel right. I came home after work and that’s when my body crashed. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t stay awake, my body just gave up. Over a course of a week, I was able to regain my appetite and energy back and was back to my old self. What I learned from the experience was that if I put myself first and said no when taking on the extra responsibilities I would have not been as poorly as I was or poorly at all. I had to understand I am not a superhero, if I can’t do something someone else will, it’s that simple. My health physical and mental will always be a top priority when it comes to anything I invest myself in.

Below is a list of ways to invest in your health when you feel overwhelmed:

  • Read a book
  • Watch a series
  • Talking to a loved one
  • Have some ‘me’ time
  • Turn off your phone
  • Cook yourself a nice meal
  • Go for a walk
  • Exercise ( gym, kickboxing or running)
  • Take each thing one at a time
  • Take a good nap

This week I want you to be aware of the number of responsibilities you have and learn to say no to anything that applies more pressure on yourself. Learn to say no without feeling guilty. Remember your health is more important


Stay Grounded X



The word mindfulness has been floating around recently and has gained popularity over the past year. We hear a lot about being mindful but what exactly does it mean. I often speak about being mindful in my practises and the techniques I use but I never said exactly what it is. For some of you reading this, you might have never come across this word or have been hearing it floating about but didn’t know the definition; while others might be very knowledgable in the practise of mindfulness. My advice is to still have a read of this post, sometimes we have all the knowledge but find it hard to express ourselves outwardly. the key is to simply break it down and start from the beginning. You will get more out of it from looking through new eyes.

What is mindfulness?

Being mindful is about clearing any pre-existing thoughts and troubles and focusing on the now. Being present in the moment.  Tuning into your mind and body and viewing from a non judgemental perspective of how you feel. Just like checking up on ourselves at the start or end of the day, every now and then throughout the day we need to be mindful of ourselves. This practise can take place anywhere, preferably somewhere where you won’t be disturbed, this can be in the shower, in the car, walking etc. It is your time where you are alone with yourself, experiencing what you can see and feel with the intent of relaxation.

At first you might find difficulties with trying to silence the mind from overthinking but if you set your intention on 5 things you can see, what you can hear and what you can smell. Your brain automatically shifts into a set of focus and calms the body. Breathing deeply and slowly also ties into the practise of mindfulness and is one of the techniques I find to be the most effective.

As mentioned before they are many techniques you can use through the art of mindfulness. Below I will list a few of my favourites. 

Mindful Walking

A great technique I love is mindful walking. Whenever I feel like I need fresh air I go to my local park and take a slow walk. With each step I focus on the things I see, what new birds I haven’t seen before or what is new. This get me out of my head and more into my body while straying from the thoughts that cause me stress or anxiety. Another great tip is while walking, make sure to notice each person who passes by and look at them in the eye and smile. The power of smiling is infectious!

Mindful Eating

This is one that I do the least but every time I use this technique I absolutely love it. When we eat we tend to get distracted by certain things such as the TV, phone or other people. However, the technique of mindful eating is to appreciate the food in front of us. Taking small bites out of our meal and consciously tasting the flavours and consistency in our mouth; is it sweet, it it salty? Noting these feelings has proven to slow down the pace on how fast we eat and makes us truly appreciate the food we have.

Mindful Breathing

We all know how to breathe and take our bodies for granted for automatically doing what is does. When we feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious our breathing tends to get shallow and shorter. Through deep and slow mindful breathing we relax the body making it less tense and have a sense of peace and clarity. I even use this technique when  I am not stressed, as I realise I do not breath in deep enough ( especially when I’m busy), it just stops me in my tracks and reminds me to listen to my body and breathe.


I would love to hear other techniques that you enjoy practising. Feel free to share in the comments!


be here


Stay Grounded X