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How To Release and Manage Stress

Stress is a physical and mental response to your body being overworked. Through this response the mind and the body start to irrationally request demands from you that can threat your wellbeing. In the physical sense it can increase your heart rate and create tension within the body. Mentally, it can make you very anxious,  highly… Continue reading How To Release and Manage Stress

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How To Prioritise Your Wellbeing

Wakes up in the early hours of the morning. Stuff our face with breakfast and fly out the house before we are late for work/university . Sounds like your morning? 24 hours is a lot of time during the day and each minute is consumed with doing various things. The only time we get to… Continue reading How To Prioritise Your Wellbeing

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My Breakthrough With Mental Health

In honour of mental health awareness day yesterday, I felt compelled to write a blog post about this topic. I want to speak on my own personal experience with dealing with mental health. I’ve always wanted to speak on this topic but I felt scared ( ironic right), to share that part of me that… Continue reading My Breakthrough With Mental Health