Is it a coincidence you are reading this or was there an energy pulling you towards this post?

Ever been having troubles finding a definite answer to a worry you’ve been having and someone randomly talks about the same thing you were just worrying about and through their talk they either give you the answer or you find the answer in their message.

That is no coincidence. You were aligned to see that message.
The higher power you believe in whether you call it God/The Universe/Higher source made sure your worries, thoughts, and prayers were answered in a way that you never expected. Messages come in many different forms, overhearing conversations, through words on a screen, talking to someone, colours, animals, and feathers. From the moment you wake up to the time you lay your head to rest, you are being guided, looked after by the energy above. Don’t second guess it. Trust that everything is working for you and not against you.

I don’t know why I wrote this but, what I do know is that it is no coincidence. I was meant to write this. There was a reason why you chose to click on this specific post to read and a reason I wrote this.

If I can leave you with one message it will be this; Listen to yourself closely. Walk in faith and love. If you are feeling stuck at the moment, know greater things are on the horizon.
Stay Grounded X

Law Of Attraction- Wouldn’t It Be Nice Technique

wouldn't it be nice

The Law of attraction is a beautiful concept once you unlock the door; the door is present to everyone , we just have to be consciously open to see it.  If you haven’t read my post on How to manifest or don’t know what the law of attraction/manifestation is, then I recommend you read the above post first. In a previous post I also talk about another law of attraction- The 17 second technique.  However, if you’re a spiritual junkie or want to try a new technique…well I’ve got something for you.

Often we get consumed with the attachment of what we desire and tend to focus on the lack of it rather than the feeling of gratitude. I know I have been there a few times, I would struggle with letting go of that desire and that would either delay my goal or simply not come in fruition. So I tired a new technique that I found through research and it honestly changed my life.

The ‘’Wouldn’t it be nice if’’ technique has helped me to manifest desires without me focusing on what I want and having the freedom of letting what ever happens, happens.

How you may ask?

This technique is very simple but simply yet effective. All you need is a open mindset that the universe has your best interest and you are already off to a great start.

By simply saying ‘’Wouldn’t it be nice if [insert desire]’’ , you are already creating the foundation of the desire you want. This approach allows you to have a light hearted conversation without forming attachment to the thought. It’s like having a conversation with your friend, you say something and then move on to the next thing without any form of lack or attachment.

Still to this day I use this technique when I get fixated on a goal and remind myself to have a light fresh approach.

Here are some examples;

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if I got a call back from the [insert company name] job I applied to.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if the top I wanted was on discount
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if I got a text/call from a particular person

let go of attachment

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

How To Manifest


If you are new to the world of manifestation, you might be thinking I’m insane or that I’m talking rubbish but as you read further on it will become clearer and clearer and before you know it, you’ll be manifesting things you thought were impossible.

As humans we tend to over complicate things that enter our minds due to complexity of the thoughts.

We often ask why can’t it be simple? and the truth is…. it is always simple, it’s us who over complicate things.

Manifest: Thinking something into existence as if it’s already here.

I know you might be thinking, how can I manifest something without it being physically here? ah ha! Thats the beauty of manifesting. You speak what you want into existence and act as if it’s your reality.

Have you ever thought about that cool top you wanted but it was a bit too pricey but when you went to try it on, it was on discount so you could buy it. That is what you call manifestation.  Manifesting your dream into a reality.

Since learning about manifestation, I have welcomed a lot of things in my reality from receiving free meals to receiving money. The list is endless with the amount of things you can manifest. Nothing is off limits.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!!!

Now it’s your turn

1. Close your eyes & think of a goal/dream/accomplishment/thing that you want to manifest.

e.g. A new phone, a new job, a new item of clothing

2. Think about what you can see, touch, hear when receiving this goal. How does it make you feel( emotionally)?

3. Spend a few moments on the thought

4. Open your eyes and say a gratitude mantra

eg. Thank you universe for what I have received. I am truly grateful for [insert goal].

5. Let go of the thought. Do not over think it & continue with your day.

Let go, did you say? You just told me to think about it.

This is truly one of the difficult stages when manifesting. Like I said before, us humans tend to over think things. When we let go of what we are manifesting, we send it out to the universe to deal with. All we do now, is be ready to receive. Once we receive it, be sure to show gratitude to receiving this goal & continue to keep those high vibes up.

I would love to hear stories about things you have manifested in the past or what you are going to manifest.

Please message me via social media so we can have a little chat 🙂




Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

The Benefits Of Spending Time Alone

Oprah Alone quote

We are constantly surrounded by people and energies  physically, mentally & virtually. In a matter of minutes we can contact anyone around the world. We step out of our humble abode and we we’re surrounded by energies.  We spend so much time surrounded by people frankly, by the end of the day we are exhausted. It can be overwhelming and some times we need to get away. It’s time to shut the world out and focus on you.

Spending alone time is very therapeutic & I’m here to tell you why you should spend good quality time by yourself.

The benefits of spending time alone:

  • More Time- You have more time to spend doing what you want to do & not comprising with someone else. If that means going to the museum or sleeping in till noon, then you can do it!


  • Know Yourself- By spending alone time, you learn so much about yourself.  You start to explore yourself from within. You learn what you like and don’t like or how to communicate better with yourself or others on an advance level. You can kind of say it’s like therapy but for yourself 🙂


  • Disconnect- When I say alone time, I mean A-L-O-N-E Time! That means without any social media to distract you. Just you & you alone. Disconnecting from virtual reality helps you become more productive and get shit done.


  • Independence- Spending time alone creates more independence within yourself. The things you couldn’t bare to do without someone else, you are doing happily by yourself,


  • Validation- Whenever we do something, we always seek validation from someone as we don’t trust our intuition. This tip goes in hand with tip number 2, when we know our self  we know to trust our intuition and stop seeking validation from others. It is easier said than done but by tuning into ourselves we learn how to compact self doubt.


Solitude quote

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You x



What Is This LOA You Speak Of?


I am a big believer in The Law of Attraction and Manifesting your true desires!

The Law of Attraction ( LOA) is a powerful energy that attracts the things you want in life, whether thats a new job, a new partner, even a new pet. We have such strong energies that the universe picks up on, from positive to negative and the ones in-between.  Our realities are shown through the way we think. This is a habit that all humans do consciously and unconsciously we say things that we don’t particularly want or need. I know I have caught myself saying some negative thoughts to a trusted friend and what I thought had become a reality. This is why you have to be impeccable with your words, choose your words wisely because they can pinch you in the butt later.

There are many different words for the universe such as God, Source Energy, Higher Power,  Higher Vibrations. They all mean the same thing. Choose the word that sits comfortably with you.

For me I found my spirituality which includes the LOA 3 years ago when going through a traumatic time and since then it has changed my perspective and mindset on life. I am my authentic self and pride myself in the achievements I’ve created through the positive journey I have taken.

At first the LOA is very hard to decipher and you may feel like you are not getting anyway, however all you need to do is trust the process

There are 3 main steps to LOA and attracting your dream life:


Tell the universe what you want to attract and be very specific ( the more specific you are, the more the universe will give you what you want)

For example, if I was manifesting a job I would say:

I want to manifest the *insert job role* position at * insert store* at * insert area/address*


In order for the LOA to really work, you need to believe it. Now when I say believe in the desire you’re trying to manifest, I really mean believe. I’m going to stick with the previous example and show you what I mean.

Visualise yourself working at the new job, meeting your colleagues. Visualise the journey and what you are going to be wearing for the job. Think about how happy you are going to be and the sense of the apprehensiveness of exploring a new direction in your life. At last, be thankful for the opportunity you are given ( showing gratitude to the universe really enhances your wants and desires).

3. Let Go

This is the hard part ( especially for me). Let go of the desire you want,over thinking about it will resist it from attracting to you. Just know the universe has your back and is making your dreams into a reality.


Now it time to enjoy what the universe gives back to you!


It takes time and you’ll go through a lot of emotions but you have to remember, the universe is always with you ❤

LOA quote

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x