The Grounded Tree?-What Does It Represent?

What does the grounded tree represent. Find out in the latest

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A lot of people whether online or in real life always ask me the meaning behind the name the grounded tree. It’s quite a unique name and I feel like I should tell the world, the meaning behind it.
The Grounded Tree represents you as a whole; you are the tree. The trunk represents your solid body, you are planted and grounded on both feet. The branches represent all the things that make you, you. Your personality, habits, and knowledge are all within you. The leaves are the added bonuses you’ve learned over a continuum and when the leaves drop off, it’s you evolving from the old ways, that no longer serve you. You are enhancing every day, every hour and every minute. You are owning your full truth!

Now you know the meaning behind the name, I want you this week to remain proud, tall and strong, just like a tree 🙂 

Quote of the week: “Look around you. Everything changes. everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing, and changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.” -Dr. Steve Mataboli

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Stay Grounded X

How To Form & Commit To A New Habit

Find it hard to form a new habit, which results in you finding it difficult to commit to it. A new inspiration post that enables you to breakthrough these challenges!

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A habit is a regular routine of something that was once hard to do and has become easier through practice. We have formed many habits in life good and bad. Sometimes we haven’t formed habits on the things we want to experience out of fear, procrastination or laziness. Today’s inspiration is to grab those experiences you want to explore and find a positive emotional response that makes you want to do it again and commit to this desire. In able for you to commit to this new experience, you need to find ways that keep you motivated to achieve it.

Why not add music to this experience or journal on how you feel or perhaps doing it with a support unit where they encourage you. It takes 30 days to form a habit, start on your experience and see how second nature it becomes after 30 days.

Quote of the week: ” You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of success is found in your daily routine.”- John C. Maxwell

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Stay Grounded X

The Joys Of Spreading Kindness

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Over the weekend I was at work and it was like any other Saturday. I spoke to many people about different things, some were looking to purchasing Christmas gifts while others were there to treat themselves. However, there was this one particular customer who I got talking with and we ended up having a heart to heart. At first, I didn’t know what to say, I was young girl advising someone who was older than me about issues I have not experienced, but in my heart, I felt compelled to share the advice that I felt was appropriate. Even though we were not the same age, we were able to communicate on a level where we both understood one another. I don’t know what made her feel comfortable in talking to me but all I know is I helped her in remembering who she truly is. I did not know her before our interaction and I might not ever see her again. What I do know is that the smallest interactions we have, make the biggest impact on someone’s day.
My inspiration to you for this week is to spread kindness. This can be from holding the door for someone, paying for someone’s coffee or in my case supporting someone when going through a difficult time. You never know you might have just saved someone from giving up.
P.s If you are the person who I spoke to over the weekend, know that everything will be ok and God/the universe/whoever you call on is 100% on your side!

Quote of the week: ”No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

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Stay Grounded X


Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


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Stop comparing your path to anyone else. We are all on a unique path that teaches us different lessons at different times in our lives. All we see are the achievements of people desires, we don’t know what happens in the background. Just because you have the same desire as one person and they got there quicker than you, doesn’t make you any less than them. No one on this earth is perfectly formed like you and that is your gift. Flaunt it! Own it! Show it! You are in the right place at the right time and your path is unfolding beautifully.


Quote of the week: ”The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday.”- Unknown


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Stay Grounded X

The 7 Dimensions Of Wellness

spring cleaning

*Free PDF worksheet*

Ever felt like you have your life together but, there are certain areas that could be improved. I’m not talking about a drastic change but one that you can simply build from, by having an awareness of where you need to improve on.
Recently I had that feeling, the feeling to get my life in order just a little bit more, so I decided to look at the areas of my life without being too harsh on myself. This is how I discovered the 7 dimensions of wellness.
This is an exercise where you can judge what level your wellness is currently at and how fulfilled you are in this area too. There are 7 dimensions that make up your life Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Financial and Environment. Each area makes up a portion of how multi-dimensional your life is. Think of it as a checklist and you are ticking to see if everything is balanced.
I will break down what each area consist of and the examples.
Physical wellness is the ability to exercise
Eat a well-balanced meal
Drinking the daily recommended water intake
Managing stress levels
Having regular check up’s (dental, doctors, sexual health)

Feeling balanced on an emotional scale
Acknowledging your faults from a non-judgemental place
Taking time out to recharge
Managing healthy relationships between yourself and others
Getting plenty of rest

Gaining knowledge about the world around you
Engaging with learning something new
Reading, watching films or listening to podcasts
Talking to new people
Reading the newspaper

Understand your beliefs
Knowing your self worth
Connecting to your higher self
Understanding your mind and body

Having a balanced social life
Spending time with family and friends
Doing activities you enjoy
Actively developing healthy relationships
Interacting with the world

Investing your money into the right things
Having a saving accounts
Creating a budget
Learning about becoming more financially stable

Having an awareness of the social issues with the environment
Decluttering your room
Taking other uses of transportation
Taking care of your surroundings

Overall score:

Your overall score is an indication how balanced out of 100 you are currently feeling out of all the 7 areas. You should be aiming to be scoring 10 in each earlier, but fear not if you haven’t scored a perfect ten because thats when you discover how to improve.

Once you have rated these 7 areas out of 10 to your satisfaction, it is now time to acknowledge where you could improve.
Underneath the wheel I want you to write down how you will improve to boost your score.

For example, my personal rating for the environmental area is a 6. I do recycle my rubbish but, I do not actively have any awareness about buying local produced products over imported products and what they do to keep the meat persevered. This is just one way I can improve to boost my levels in the environmental area.

I have created a free PDF worksheet which enables you to see the wellness wheel and the examples that come under each area. You can print it out or fill it in automatically.

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Stay Grounded X

Girl Boss Quotes You Need To Know


I have a confession to make.

I am obsessed with quotes….like to the point where I will recite a quote or show you a quote in the middle of a conversation. I’m surrounded by them, whether that’s in my room, on my phone or in my quotes journal ( yes I have a book dedicated to quotes..I told you it was an obsession).

Quotes are just little reminders to tell you that you can achieve anything in life!

Below I will share my all time favourite quotes broken up into 3 categories: Self Love,  Motivation and Happiness

Self Love:






goal change


ameila earhart





good llaugh











What’s your favourite quote?


Stay Grounded X

2017 Achievements



We are coming towards the end of the year ( can you believe this year is soon over) & usually this is the time where people tend to reflect on the year they’ve had and find new alternative ways to cut out certain people or try to create a new year, new me approach. However, we never just focus on all the achievements we’ve made in one single year. Why should we only focus on the negative things that have happened to us during the year instead of focusing on the wonderful achievements we have made in this incredible journey of a year.

I decided to come up with a 2017 list. It’s not your ordinary list, its everything you’ve achieved in the year of 2017 & I mean everything from big to small. This is a time to reflect on how amazing you have grown and how much challenges you have faced but still manage to overcome those difficulties from the past year.

My list goes a little bit like this:


-First published post in consumer health digest

-Taking risk without fear of failing

These are just a few of the achievements I have made this year. If your super keen on this idea, why not make a month to month year list. Each month write down as many things you’ve achieved for that month. You will be amazed at what you’ve accomplished.

Now why not try it out for your self.

What are some of your achievements this year?


the best


Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

How To Manifest


If you are new to the world of manifestation, you might be thinking I’m insane or that I’m talking rubbish but as you read further on it will become clearer and clearer and before you know it, you’ll be manifesting things you thought were impossible.

As humans we tend to over complicate things that enter our minds due to complexity of the thoughts.

We often ask why can’t it be simple? and the truth is…. it is always simple, it’s us who over complicate things.

Manifest: Thinking something into existence as if it’s already here.

I know you might be thinking, how can I manifest something without it being physically here? ah ha! Thats the beauty of manifesting. You speak what you want into existence and act as if it’s your reality.

Have you ever thought about that cool top you wanted but it was a bit too pricey but when you went to try it on, it was on discount so you could buy it. That is what you call manifestation.  Manifesting your dream into a reality.

Since learning about manifestation, I have welcomed a lot of things in my reality from receiving free meals to receiving money. The list is endless with the amount of things you can manifest. Nothing is off limits.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!!!

Now it’s your turn

1. Close your eyes & think of a goal/dream/accomplishment/thing that you want to manifest.

e.g. A new phone, a new job, a new item of clothing

2. Think about what you can see, touch, hear when receiving this goal. How does it make you feel( emotionally)?

3. Spend a few moments on the thought

4. Open your eyes and say a gratitude mantra

eg. Thank you universe for what I have received. I am truly grateful for [insert goal].

5. Let go of the thought. Do not over think it & continue with your day.

Let go, did you say? You just told me to think about it.

This is truly one of the difficult stages when manifesting. Like I said before, us humans tend to over think things. When we let go of what we are manifesting, we send it out to the universe to deal with. All we do now, is be ready to receive. Once we receive it, be sure to show gratitude to receiving this goal & continue to keep those high vibes up.

I would love to hear stories about things you have manifested in the past or what you are going to manifest.

Please message me via social media so we can have a little chat 🙂




Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

How To Get Sh*t Done

do it

‘’ All I want to do is curl up in bed all day’’, who has said that line before or something similar. I know for sure I have ( atleast twice a week).

Although sitting in bed is fun, there is plenty of sh*t that needs to be done as soon as possible and sitting around in bed is not going to help.

So, I’m here to tell you stop procrastinating and get sh*t done!! Think of me as a little fairy god mother, constantly nagging you but always praising you once it’s done.

* Lia the fairy godmother*

Here are some suggestions to actually get things efficiently done:

1.Wake up early

Don’t roll your eyes at this one, it’s easier than it sounds. It’s proven that if you wake up early, you have more energy to start tasking and to get it done before midday. That means you have the rest of  the day to relax in bed and netflix and chill. See I told you this was a good one!

2.Have some breakfast

While your at it, have breakfast to keep the body and mind energised. A nice breakfast can contain oats and banana. Potassium is found in many food such as bananas, nuts & seeds. The minerals in potassium helps balance the control of the fluids in the body and also helps the heart muscles to work properly.

3.Hide your phone

Your phone is a big distraction and thats what stopping you from getting the jobs done. Best option is to turn your phone on airplane mode or off and put it another room so it does not distract you. Once everything is done, you can scroll until your hearts content.

4.Listen to music

Get those speakers pumping!! I am a lover of listening to upbeat music when I’m tasking, it makes the activity faster and I enjoy it more.

5.Reward yourself

There’s nothing like rewarding yourself after completing a bunch of things you didn’t think will get done. Have some chocolate or wine or both. It’s a treat only for you!!



Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You x

My Breakthrough With Mental Health

mental ill

In honour of mental health awareness day yesterday, I felt compelled to write a blog post about this topic.

I want to speak on my own personal experience with dealing with mental health. I’ve always wanted to speak on this topic but I felt scared ( ironic right), to share that part of me that many family and close friends knew but not the world.

I used to suffer with anxiety and depression. Every sensation within my body froze up and the most simple things would be the most difficult, resulting to me having a panic attack. It was horrible as I never knew what anxiety/depression was or how I even ‘caught’ it. As an extrovert, I was always out there socialising and being the centre of everything around me. However, thats what appeared on the outside, on the inside I was breaking slowly & no-one could see.

I always had this idea in my head that crying/asking for help was a sign of weakness so I never would share what was in my head or I would do the opposite,I would share and then say I’m joking ( that was a regular thing for me) just to cover up the truth.

Until, one day it was too late. I shattered. I shattered into a million pieces. I had such a break down that I thought there was no way out of this.

It was very hard to express to my parents at first what was going on, however, they supported me through the ups and down and I am so thankful for their love and support.

Now I don’t want this to be a sad story because it really is not.

That day was the day I finally broke free!! 

I did not let this powerful mind ( often silly mind) consume me, I was not letting it get the best out of me. Through the help & support of everyone & meditation, I can now say today, that I have transformed so much I don’t suffer with depression anymore and my anxiety has gotten to a point where doesn’t send me to melting point and I can actively change a thought before it engulfs me. Yes it took a long while but just remember

It is ok to speak out when you are feeling down. Its not a sign of weakness, infact its a sign of courage and strength. You are so much stronger than you even think. You have so much support that you cant even imagine & know that you are not alone.



Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x