How To Let Go Of The Past

We’ve all had those moments where we are alone and get thinking about the what if’s,  what if I was still in that job, what if I was still with my ex. Although it is ok to think about the past it is not ok to dwell over it and try change the present to replicate the past.

I am going to talk about some ways I overcame thinking about the past and how to let it go so it can lead me to the fabulous present time,  but don’t get me wrong I do think about the past but I have learnt ways to challenge it into a positive thought.

If you have guess I am an over thinker, I think myself into sad state ( I’m sure I’m not the only one) and then I get annoyed with myself because I have thought myself into a bad mood (typical). Sometimes I used to be sad for several days because I was overthinking, I felt restless, I couldn’t sleep, I would hide from all the people who cared about me. It got to the point I was even sick of it and enough was enough I need to kick my butt in the right direction.

I am not saying that you take on board theses tips and bam you are ‘cured’, it takes time and patiences. Don’t feel disheartened if suddenly you fall off the tracks, its about how you recover from it which matters.

Tips on letting go:

1. Create a thankful list

Create a list of what your thankful for in this present moment, it can be small like I am thankful for my dog or it can be on a greater scale I am thankful for being able to have a meal without complications. Once you have a list of what your thankful for,sit down and meditate over the list. Look at all the reasons you should be happy and thankful in this present day.

2. Have a time frame

Instead of letting your thoughts ruminate throughout the day try having a designated time where you can only be sad for a short period of time and then once the timer bleeps, that it. Those thoughts are left in the past.

3. Journaling 

I am a big believer in journaling, not only is it great to get your thoughts out on paper but once your done you can throw the paper in the bin or you can close the notebook and never look back. Find a nice quiet space, put some relaxing tunes on and get writing, anything that comes to your mind, no matter how random it is, write it down.

4. Forgive them

This is one of the hardest things I had to do but the most rewarding out of them all.  Forgive the person who has hurt you, you don’t have to converse with them your thoughts but this is for your sake in order for you to grow and learn that the energy your ruminating in your mind does not affect them but affects you, it causes more harm to you than anything. Once you have forgiven them you can go on with life radiating that perfect badass glow you got going on and invite positive vibes into your life.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 15.40.04.png

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x

How to let go of the past

Top Tips To Overcome Feeling Sad

Lately I have been a bit distant on writing on the blog because truth be told, I haven’t been feeling my usual self. I simply thought how can I advise people on something I can’t even help myself. I took some time out for myself and felt better because I did a few of these steps to get me back into my normal state of mind.


This is how you kick those feelings in the butt:

Exercise- Getting out of bed can be one of the hardest things to do when you feel like sh*t but even doing a few stretches or a bit of cardio can boost your mood. When you exercise you release a hormone called Serotonin which boost up your mood.

Get some fresh air- This can be from taking a long walk to sitting in the park. Getting some fresh air opens you out from your confined space and makes you feel relaxed in an open space.

Read- Whenever I feel in a rut I always read as it distracts me from what my mind is actually thinking and I end up forgetting what I was feeling.

Meditate- Just doing a 10 minutes body scan can be all what you need to feel at ease.

Listen to your favourite song– Turn the speakers up and dance around to your favourite tune. Pretend you’re in a music video or dancing in front of your friends.

Healthy Eating (Fruits)- I have to put my hand up to this one, I am terrible when it comes to eating healthy ( those damn pizzas) but even starting small  by having a simple banana or fruit salad, can point you in the right direction.

Journaling– Writing down everything that comes to your mind is the best way to reflect on how you feel as its all written down in front of you. This is a great way to filter out what is the cause of your mood and it also brings out some hidden emotions you never consciously realised.


Thank you for reading and always remember

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x

Who Loves Books?

I have always been a reader since I was knee high and the love for books have stem throughout my teenage and adult life. I am a sucker for a thriller/murder mystery books but I also enjoy a good light- hearted romantic book. But, this is not what I’m here to talk about ( although I would love to start a book club). I have discovered another great genre that I’m totally in awe of and that is dun…dun..dunnn Self help books. Now I know what your gonna say but it really does transform lives and makes you more open to situations and experiences around you.

All these books I have read and I will give you my opinion about them. If you have read any books that are not on the list, feel free to comment below with your suggestions.


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic

I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this book and thought I would give it a read and I’m glad that I did. Not only did it open my eyes to new knowledge I discovered but it also taught me how messages can be pass through person to person ( when you read the book you’ll understand). Gilbert talks about her experiences and its nice to see the authors journey. I recommend this to anyone who wants to be creative but does not know where to start.

The Alchemist By Paul Coelho

the alchemist

This was the first book I read and was recommended to me by a friend, I am so happy that she told me about this book. I read this book in 3 days because it was so engaging and great. I don’t want to spoil it for but its a must read.

The Power of Now By Eckhart Tolle

the power of now

The power of now is all about being in the present and living in the now. At first I found the book very heavy with the amount of information crammed in but once I pushed through it I started to open my mind to living in the present and now use the tools in this book in my everyday life.


Practical Mindfulness By Consultant Ken A. Verni, Psy.D.


I received this from my lovely mother and in this book it gives you tips and tricks to practice mindfulness in everyday life. It taught me how to discover who I am and questions  what I want from life. It even gives you task to do and how to keep it up and advise you what to do when you finish reading the book. I really enjoyed this book and still to this day I refer back to it. It’s a big heavy book so I recommend you buy the hardback so you can highlight and write on it.


Thank you for reading and remember

Be Bold, Be strong, Be you x


Morning Rituals

24 hours can feel very overwhelming, especially when you have 101 things to do. So starting the day right is the most crucial hack to feeling less stressed. It all starts with a morning ritual, something that get you in the right mindset for the rest of the day.

Every morning I go through my morning ritual so I can feel relaxed and less stressed for the day. Even when I feel stressed during the day I revert back to my list of rituals and it brings me back to reality and I instantly feel calm.

Instead of waking up and quickly checking your phone for text messages or just casually scrolling down through social media for half an hour( I know I’m a culprit of that). Using the ritual will keep you focus.


I’ll give you an example of my morning ritual:

I break it down into two categories Mental and Physical. What you do mentally to start the day and what you do physically to start the day.



  1.  Listening- I sit and listen to the birds sing, listening to whats around me ect.
  2. Quotes-Every week I put a quote on my whiteboard and when I wake up I recite the quote in order to give me positive energy and to remember no two days are the same, when you wake up its a refreshed new day.
  3. Affirmations- This ties in with number 2 but reciting positive affirmations will help you get into the right mindset
  4. Meditation- for 5-10 minutes I meditate before I do anything. Doing this every morning has really helped me when I have a busy day ahead.



Truth be told, I am not a very physical person but stretching for me in the mornings has been a god send. It wakes up the nerves and muscles in the body and not only mentally prepares you for the day but physically.

The stretches I do are:

-Cat pose

-Downward Dog

-Spinal twist

-Quick stretch of my whole body


Now, I hope you implement these activities in the morning and see how it will change your life. Please keep me updated on your process as I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading,

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you