What Is This LOA You Speak Of?


I am a big believer in The Law of Attraction and Manifesting your true desires!

The Law of Attraction ( LOA) is a powerful energy that attracts the things you want in life, whether thats a new job, a new partner, even a new pet. We have such strong energies that the universe picks up on, from positive to negative and the ones in-between.  Our realities are shown through the way we think. This is a habit that all humans do consciously and unconsciously we say things that we don’t particularly want or need. I know I have caught myself saying some negative thoughts to a trusted friend and what I thought had become a reality. This is why you have to be impeccable with your words, choose your words wisely because they can pinch you in the butt later.

There are many different words for the universe such as God, Source Energy, Higher Power,  Higher Vibrations. They all mean the same thing. Choose the word that sits comfortably with you.

For me I found my spirituality which includes the LOA 3 years ago when going through a traumatic time and since then it has changed my perspective and mindset on life. I am my authentic self and pride myself in the achievements I’ve created through the positive journey I have taken.

At first the LOA is very hard to decipher and you may feel like you are not getting anyway, however all you need to do is trust the process

There are 3 main steps to LOA and attracting your dream life:


Tell the universe what you want to attract and be very specific ( the more specific you are, the more the universe will give you what you want)

For example, if I was manifesting a job I would say:

I want to manifest the *insert job role* position at * insert store* at * insert area/address*


In order for the LOA to really work, you need to believe it. Now when I say believe in the desire you’re trying to manifest, I really mean believe. I’m going to stick with the previous example and show you what I mean.

Visualise yourself working at the new job, meeting your colleagues. Visualise the journey and what you are going to be wearing for the job. Think about how happy you are going to be and the sense of the apprehensiveness of exploring a new direction in your life. At last, be thankful for the opportunity you are given ( showing gratitude to the universe really enhances your wants and desires).

3. Let Go

This is the hard part ( especially for me). Let go of the desire you want,over thinking about it will resist it from attracting to you. Just know the universe has your back and is making your dreams into a reality.


Now it time to enjoy what the universe gives back to you!


It takes time and you’ll go through a lot of emotions but you have to remember, the universe is always with you ❤

LOA quote

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x




When You Need A Lil Motivation

Other than reading blogs in my spare time, I also listen to a lot of podcasts mostly ones about well being. However, I wouldn’t mind  listening to a completely different genre as I am open to every and anything. But, today’s post is about the motivational podcasts I listen to and how they can change your mind to become the best version of yourself. I will also include the podcast that I particularly enjoy 🙂

*If you have any that you would like to share, please comment below!*


1.The Lifestyle Coach School Podcast With Brooke Castillo

Brooke Castillo is one of those women who knows the right things to say. The content on her podcast are very informative and always get me thinking. Brooke speaks about situations we’ve all been through eg. anger, hurt and emotional manipulation and that’s why I prefer to listen to Brooke at night so I can unwind from a hectic day and fully commit my ears to every word she says.

Ep #104: The Process Of Change- https://thelifecoachschool.com/103/

Ep #144: Forgiveness- https://thelifecoachschool.com/144/

Ep #119: Emotional Manipulation- https://thelifecoachschool.com/119/

Available in iOS app store



2.Happier with Gretchen Rubin

The title is literally self explanatory. I tend to listen to Gretchen in the day and it always starts my day positively. If you want quick inspirational podcasts she delivers 2 minute mini podcast, which I love when I’m in a hurry and need a quick motivational pick me up. Gretchen and her sister are always uplifting and full of joy whether their on air, which lifts my spirits up as well.

You Don’t Have To Be Good At Something To Be Good At Something: http://gretchenrubin.com/happiness_project/2016/10/little-happier-good-at-something/

Accept Myself, And Except More From Myself: http://gretchenrubin.com/happiness_project/2016/05/little-happier-accept/

Podcast 76: Write Your Manifesto: http://gretchenrubin.com/happiness_project/2016/08/podcast-76/

Available in iOS app store


3.Zen for everyday life with Matt Valentines

I recommend listening to Matt first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. His soothing calm voice brings peace to you in the morning before your mind starts overthinking. His podcast tends to be for the morning however, you can play his podcast at anytime.

Ep #33 Guided Meditation: Mindful Eating- https://buddhaimonia.com/podcast/zen-for-everyday-life/zfel33-guided-meditation-mindful-eating

Ep #30 11 Things To Know When You’re Having A Bad Day-  https://buddhaimonia.com/podcast/zen-for-everyday-life/zfel30

Ep #17 Guided Meditation- Loving-Kindness Meditation- https://buddhaimonia.com/podcast/zen-for-everyday-life/zfel17-loving-kindness-meditation

Available in iOS app store

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x

Believe In Yourself, You Are Doing Great


Ever had that annoying pessimistic voice telling you ‘you can’t do it’, ‘why try you’re going to fail anyway’ or ‘ you’re not smart enough’. That’s voice I call the hater, the voice that always has something negative to say but never praises you for the hard work you do everyday. Then we enter the world of non self-trust where we make decisions based on others opinion for validation. And then it starts to become a spiral of self doubt and not believing in yourself.

However, I am here to tell you not to listen to that voice and show it who’s boss.

In this post I have written down ways to start believing in yourself. Some you already do aimlessly while others require a bit of a push from yourself. Yes, it’s hard sometimes but with the power of your words, the thoughts that you create affect your emotions.. Change your thoughts and watch you blossom!

1.Celebrate your accomplishments 

Even if it’s getting out of bed. You should be proud of the past and present accomplishments, you are brilliant.

2.Stop asking for validation of yourself from other people

No-one know the ins and out of what makes you unique beside yourself. Every decision you make is from a self trust point of view, you trust yourself massively in order to exert that decision so why seek validation from other people to back up what you already know.

Now I am not saying don’t ever ask advice from others but know when to take your own advice

3.Take past experiences as growth

Don’t beat yourself up for past experiences. Growth is a way of knowing what works and what doesn’t and applying them to future experiences.

4.Think of the positive outcomes when you believe

Visualising the successes of your dream life is great when you believe yourself. Focus on the positive rather than the negative

5.Don’t let fear stop you

Fear is a little bitch…DON’T LET IT STOP YOU!!



Are You Keeping Up With The #30DaySelfLoveChallenge?

*Quick Post Alert*

In the first week I know it’s extremely hard to keep up with a mantra everyday as your mind is constantly thinking ( I have it as well). So I’ve decided to tell you a few quick tips on keeping up the #30dayselflovechallenge. This is not only for you but it is for me as I see myself slipping at times.

p.s You can do the self love mantra any time of the day!

p.p.s Thank you to everyone who’s join me on this challenge and remember it’s not too late to join either

Tips & Tricks

1. Write post stick notes around your room


2. Team up with a friend and encourage each other


3. Use it as a morning and evening mantra ( if you forget during the day)


4. Meditate- Visualise yourself


If you have any tips that you use, please share in the comments.




New Month. New Challenge👊🏾

What Does Self-Love Mean To You?

Throughout my years as a young teenager I always struggled with loving myself. I damned myself by looking at the people who I thought had it all going for them, looks, friends and money. To be honest I was jealous and I know I am not the only person out there who has ever felt jealous of someone else. I used to ask myself when will I get out this ‘ugly duckling’ stage?, when will I get a great boyfriend who would spoil me rotten? and the major question that needed to be answered was when will I have a million pounds in my bank account?( I’m still wishing).  I would like to say this feeling stopped as I got older but it certainly didn’t. Having been surrounded by technology/social media there was no escaping images of beautiful young girls who were the same age as me, who’s lives were much more fancier than mine.

One day I was aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and all I saw were beautiful women with long hair, big butts and tiny waist. In that moment I scanned my eyes over my body and started to compare myself to them.

Then something clicked in my head.

Everyone is different!, yes majority of the females on Instagram have had some form of surgery but I realised my imperfections are my perfections and I should embrace it. I love me for who I am. I am determined, strong and beautiful young woman who embraces all my imperfections.

* Disclaimer* It takes more than 21 days to form a habit, so I decided to form a 30 day Self Love challenge.

Now the rules are as followed:

1.Everyday say something that you love about yourself/What makes you unique


Thats it!

I want YOU to join me on a journey of celebration. Share what makes you amazing and your perfection!

And Remember:

-Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

-Don’t Beat Yourself Up

-Embrace Your Imperfections

-Change Your Inner Critic

– LOVE YOURSELF30dayselflovechallenge

Join me on this challenge on social media #30DaysSelfloveChallenge IG: @laii_lovee

How To Spot A Toxic Relationship


Ever had someone who puts you down, controls you, competes with you or makes you feel like your the ‘bully’? If you answer Yes to any of them. You have a toxic individual in your life who needs to be removed.

I’ve had many friends who I simply had to remove out of my life due to them affecting my energy and not supporting my growth. I’ve had people ask me do I miss my old friends and my answer is always NO and I’ll tell you the reason why…Since they’ve been gone a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel truly happy and at peace that I don’t have to dodge them or make any excuses to not see them. I realised that they were affecting my happiness and they needed to go!!

Whether friend, family or significant other, if that person is hindering your growth, they do not deserve to be in your life. Surround yourself with like minded people who genuinely celebrate your growth and achievements, not people who are manipulative or who only celebrates about them and not acknowledge your feelings.

How to spot a toxic person:

  1. They constantly put you down
  2. Never honest
  3. Competes with you in everything ( even if its minor)
  4. Selfish- It’s always their way or no way
  5. Everyday drama!
  6. You dread seeing/talking to them
  7. Always plays the victim

Once you have spotted who’s toxic around you. Its your decision to learn how to remove that toxic energy from your life

I understand that you can’t remove people out of your life just like that, so I suggest that you talk to them beforehand and explain your concerns and if they don’t change or keep up the consistency, then its up to you whether you want to keep this toxic relationship going or put an end to it.

How to remove toxicity out of your life: 

  1. Put yourself first
  2. Re-evalaute your relationship with that person
  3. Delete the person of all social media accounts
  4. Surround yourself with like minded people
  5. Understand that this is a blessing and that this relationship is not a reflection of you as a person
  6. Journaling- Write down your feelings towards that person and then let it go. Some examples are, throwing it away, burn it, hide it or release it in some form


Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x

How To Deal With Anxiety

This blog post has been highly requested and I thought I’ll write about how I manage my anxiety. Yes, it will be long as I want to share the knowledge that I know but, I also want you to go back thinking you’ve learnt a lot and that next time this feeling happens you can deal with it.

So get a cup a tea or your preferable drink and lets dive in!

Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder within young people and I am one of them *GASP*.  People tend to say to me ‘’ You’re so daring and confident, how come you have anxiety’’ or I get ‘’ But you have a blog, doesn’t that mean you’re cured’’ Ha! I wish It was that simple but its not. Over the past years I have learnt to manage my anxiety and panic attacks when their occur. It took a lot of determination and challenges but I can say I have seen a significant difference.

I am going to get a bit technical now, but this is how you can truly understand what is happening within your body.

What is the Amygdala?

According to Oxford dictionaries Amygdala means:

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 15.05.32.png

Now I don’t know about you but that definition went straight over my head. However, I am here to give you a simple definition so you don’t finish reading this post thinking WTF.

The Amygdala is an almond shaped part in your brain. Amygdala is the reason why we have fear, it controls how we react to certain events that we find fearful and non-fearful. When we detect danger it is due to our stressors convincing our Amygdala that we are in total danger and need to get out of the situation. When we’re in a situation our bodies react in different ways e.g.. Shallow breathing, Sweaty Palms, Hyperventilating ect.   When we get out of the danger the Amygdala says ‘’I was right about that particular danger, lets avoid that thought/event FOREVER’’.  And thats how we have fear!

Fear can not be ‘erased’ or ‘cured’ but it can be managed. I will discuss some of the advice I was told and I will also discuss some of the suggestions I’ve researched.

1.Sit With The Fear

When a professional recommended this tip to me, I thought he was chatting shit and he didn’t know how anxiety feels. But once I tried it out I realised that he was on to something. I don’t know for most people but I tend to run away from a situation when my anxiety rises but if you sit with the fear you’re rivalling with the amygdala and standing up to it. Which in terms counteracts it ( You see where I’m going with this).

2.Acknowledge, Accept, Await

This ties in to the first advice,.

Acknowledge: Acknowledge that you are feeling a certain way which may lead you to a panic attack

Accept: Accept this feeling but do not overthink the feeling or give it the power to affect you physically and mentally

Await: Know that the feelings is not going to last. The feeling will only last max 5 minutes but we convince ourselves its happening for longer. When we await for the feeling to pass our brain starts to give a little cheer.


Taking slow deep breaths slows down the brain and gives you more clarity in what to do next.

4.Positive Affirmations

Telling yourself that this is going to be okay.

This feeling is not going to last.

My disorder is not going to get the best of me.

Telling yourself these positive affirmations change the thoughts within your brain and replaces the negative thoughts/emotions with positive ones.

5. Mindfulness 

A great app that I adore is insight timer, this app has a various of meditation talks, podcasts and music to help you feel calm and reflect on the things that are happening around you.

6.Seek A Professional

If this affects your day to day living and you’ve tried every tip under the sun…including these ones…My suggestion is to seek professional advice. There are a number of services that will help for example Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ( CBT), Counselling ect.

Why not join a chat rooms like Pacifica (located in the app store) where you can share your worries with people around the world and seek advice from people who have been able to manage dealing with the feelings.

Feel free to email me at thegroundedtree@outlook.com for more advice or to simply have a chat.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Laii_Lovee/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laii_lovee/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thegroundedtree/ 

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x



February Monthly Goals

Finally!!  January has ended, felt like it dragged on for ages. We can now say Goodbye January and Welcome February into our life. Lets make sure this month is filled with adventure, inspiration and happiness.  In my previous post I mentioned a suggestion about doing daily/weekly goals  The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Stress (click link) .  However, I do know it can get a bit much when tracking new goals to accomplish everyday or every week, so I’m here to talk about Monthly Goals. This is for the people who find the daily/weekly goals overwhelming, starting with monthly goals and slowly incorporating it into your lifestyle will be super beneficial.

I am a total freak when it comes to to-do lists and all that shenanigans so I have different goals lists from everyday to monthly goals.

To keep you inspired I am going to share my monthly goals with you as you will be able to get to know me more and I hope it challenges you to create one.

Every end of the month I will review how well I have kept to my goals ( and I definitely won’t hide it)

February Monthly Goals

  • Use technology less ( as I am always glued to my phone)
  • Make free time to spend with loved one ( I am the worst when it comes to making plans)
  • Keep up with the exercise

Share your monthly goals in the comments below, I would love to see them. 

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x


How To Set Goals & Smash Them

How to set goals & smash them

The typical new years goals usually goes like this. We make a long list of stuff we are going to change (mainly weight loss or stop smoking), say we are going to smash them and a couple of months later, someone will ask us about our goals and we always end up saying ‘’ oh that! I couldn’t keep up with it’’ or ‘’ I am too busy’’.  We make the same excuses every year and then we wonder why everyones enjoying themselves and your still wishing to be the ‘perfect’ size.

Enough is enough! I am here to kick you up the butt and give you some encouraging tips for you to smash your goals. You don’t have to apply all of theses, you can start with one and work your way through. Like Samuel Johnson said ‘’ Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance’’. So don’t be disheartened if you cave in or totally forget and think you can’t do it again, as long as you preserve you can’t go wrong.

5 tips to smash your goals:

1. Stick it around the room

Write your goals down and stick it anywhere in the room, this is an effective way to see your goals in the morning or evening in places where you wouldn’t normally see it.  I personally find this method effective, I usually write it in my notes on my phone as I typically look at my phone every minute of the day (who doesn’t) ,this helped me to smash my 2016 goals and I’m ready to implement it in 2017 and the year after and the year after that. Why not give it a try?

2. Goals Affirmations

Repeating your goals to yourself when you wake up and before you go to bed. Keeping your goals fresh in your mind keeps your brain on a memory cycle where you will never forget your goals.

3. Tell a close relative or friend

When you tell someone your goals you’re effectively putting it out into the universe. A close relative or friend can support you in your yearly goals. Maybe have an exchange with them and promise to keep a monthly check up between you two so that you both can keep on track.

4. Visualise it

Visualise yourself achieving the goals, how does it make you feel?. When you visualise your goals you steer your mind in the direction of happiness and achievement.

5. Believe in yourself


Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x