The Power Of Your Words

When you speak negative your reality becomes negative. Learn how to change the negatives into a positive with a few simple words!

Naturally, we put ourselves down out of self-habit. We’ve been accustomed through society to believe we can’t say positive things about ourselves to others or receive positive compliments, in fear it will come out as being self-indulged or self-centered. So we aim to downplay our greatness or say the negative side to the statement.

I know this far too well as I always do it in my everyday life, especially when someone compliments or congratulates me. I catch myself saying ‘’thanks but…’’ and that but turns into a bunch of sentence of self-loathing about the thing they have complimented me on.
It became so natural to me that I don’t realise until I noticed the words I was speaking about myself started to affect how I truly felt about me. The light bulb didn’t ping until I did something that I was extremely proud of and got numerous of compliments on and instead of saying thanks but, I said thank you I am proud of myself too and I left it. I didn’t say a word after that and I truly did feel proud. Speaking those positive words to myself really did something to me mentally and physically. I felt much lighter, happier and acceptance of what I am good at.

This experience has taught me to speak greatly of myself because the words you speak are the same words that will radiate inside you; speak positively about yourself and it will show, speak negatively about yourself and you’ll see how much it will affect you in your day to day life.

One message I will share with you. You are made for greatness, don’t let any self-doubt, hate or negative thoughts affect the greatness you’ve achieved; whether small or big if you are proud of yourself do not be unapologetic by it, shout it from the rooftop. Have that moment of honour for yourself. Speak highly of yourself, because you weren’t put on this earth to be mediocre!

Stay Grounded X

How To Stop Being Hard On Yourself

Support yourself. Avoid becoming the villain in your own story- Sade Andria Zabala

Do you compare yourself to others…Do you find yourself not having your life together but at the same time have your life together…Do you find yourself saying ‘’I could have done better’’ when you have given your best?

These are all the thoughts we have when we self- criticise ourselves. If you are a perfectionist, you have definitely heard a few of these words float around your head. The saying ‘’we are our own worst critic’’ is so true, we speak so negatively about ourselves that through the repetitive thoughts and feelings, we start to believe them and then we try to reach this unattainable goal that we claim as perfection.

This is a mindset we need to stop. We are being too hard on ourselves and it is affecting the way we view ourselves.

Here are a few messages that will help shift your thoughts:

  • Every mistake is a contribution to your growth
  • Let go of the idea of perfectionism ( little secret: It doesn’t exist)
  • Stop panicking over things that are out of your control
  • Stop replaying the situation in your head and scrutinising every detail….. Let it go
  • You do have your life together!!
  • Cut yourself some slack
  • Treat yourself how you treat your loved ones
  • Celebrate your growth

”Support yourself. Avoid becoming the villain in your own story.”-Sade Andria Zabala

Stay Grounded X

2018-The Year That Taught Me

The year is coming to an end and it’s time to reflect back on how it has all planned out. Find out what my core values are for this year.

Earlier this year I made a post about setting attainable values for how you want your 2018 to plan out. This included writing down your yearly goals with your top 3 overall core value insight.

I never did share what my 3 core values but as we near the end of 2018, I want to be honest about what I have achieved and what is an ongoing process.
On January the 1st I wrote out my top 3 core values I wanted to possess in 2018; the 3 values were personal development, stability, and self-love. During the time of writing those 3 values, I did not know exactly what I meant by it but, I had a vague idea. I also wrote down some goals which included, becoming more healthy physically, mentally and spiritually and being more open to new things. This linked in really well with my overall core values.

I totally forgot about writing these values down and in the beginnings of December I was flicking through some pages and stumbled across it. I decided to reflect on how well I achieved this.
I realise that consciously I totally forgot about them but, subconsciously I was influenced every day to live by these values, no matter what I did. Every day I was learning about myself more and more and improve on the foundations I have set and feeling secure and stable in what I do. So, I guess I can say I have achieved it. Additionally, these values will still be something I will live by in the next year, it’s just this time around I will have new added values which will compliment my previous ones.

2019 is only 5 days away, why not sit down and start to plan what core values you want to possess in 2019. Firstly, start out with 5 and narrow it down to your top 3 and let that be the staple of your new year.

Below I have extended the list of values to give you a head start.

  • Respect
  • Self-love
  • Stability
  • Self-improvement
  • Power
  • Travel
  • Authenticity

Stay Grounded X

How To Form & Commit To A New Habit

Find it hard to form a new habit, which results in you finding it difficult to commit to it. A new inspiration post that enables you to breakthrough these challenges!

Inspiration Advice

 Inspiration of the week

A habit is a regular routine of something that was once hard to do and has become easier through practice. We have formed many habits in life good and bad. Sometimes we haven’t formed habits on the things we want to experience out of fear, procrastination or laziness. Today’s inspiration is to grab those experiences you want to explore and find a positive emotional response that makes you want to do it again and commit to this desire. In able for you to commit to this new experience, you need to find ways that keep you motivated to achieve it.

Why not add music to this experience or journal on how you feel or perhaps doing it with a support unit where they encourage you. It takes 30 days to form a habit, start on your experience and see how second nature it becomes after 30 days.

Quote of the week: ” You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of success is found in your daily routine.”- John C. Maxwell

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3 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

The winter season has arrived and it’s time we fight back the winter blues with these 3 techniques.

How to beat the winter blues

December is that month where a lot of change is happening, the weather starts to get colder, it gets dark earlier and we are all preparing for the festive period, we know and love called Christmas. It’s a strange time because although we should be happy, it can also be a time where we isolate ourselves. The weather plays a big impact on the way we feel, the lack of sunlight really plays a big role in our mood and how we feel on a daily basis. As the days get darker, we tend to retreat to our safe space which is usually our homes and we find it hard to interact with others. It’s typical to have winter blues where we feel tired, gloomy and annoyed, however when it becomes a permanent mood and affects all aspects of your life, you may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

For me, when it comes to winter season I used to become distance because all I wanted to do is stay at home. Even if friends or family reached out to me, I would make excuses not to go. The weather really did affect my mood. However, this year around I don’t know what has happened but I enjoy spending time out with my loved ones and seeing the Christmas lights when its dark uplifts my mood in a way.

In order to overcome your winter blues and find ways to not isolate yourself, I have a few tips that have helped me and will help you.

  1. Go outdoors
    Spend as much time as you can outside in the daylight, even if it’s for 20 minutes. The serotonin  is a chemical that is released in your brain to reduce anxiety and stress. Spending the right amount of time in the daylight will improve your mood

2. Reach out to your friends/family
No-one knows what is going on inside your head and if you don’t speak up about your anxieties, others won’t know. Letting your loved ones know what you are going through will relieve some stress on your part and make your loved ones aware of how you’re feeling.

3. Change the voice in your head
All the negative talk you tell yourself, as a result, affects how you feel. To change that frequency, you need to find ways of speaking positive affirmations into your life. Changing your language and your thought pattern will enable you to step out of your comfort zone and bring more joy when you let go and say yes.

Stay Grounded X

The Joys Of Spreading Kindness

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Inspiration of the week

Over the weekend I was at work and it was like any other Saturday. I spoke to many people about different things, some were looking to purchasing Christmas gifts while others were there to treat themselves. However, there was this one particular customer who I got talking with and we ended up having a heart to heart. At first, I didn’t know what to say, I was young girl advising someone who was older than me about issues I have not experienced, but in my heart, I felt compelled to share the advice that I felt was appropriate. Even though we were not the same age, we were able to communicate on a level where we both understood one another. I don’t know what made her feel comfortable in talking to me but all I know is I helped her in remembering who she truly is. I did not know her before our interaction and I might not ever see her again. What I do know is that the smallest interactions we have, make the biggest impact on someone’s day.
My inspiration to you for this week is to spread kindness. This can be from holding the door for someone, paying for someone’s coffee or in my case supporting someone when going through a difficult time. You never know you might have just saved someone from giving up.
P.s If you are the person who I spoke to over the weekend, know that everything will be ok and God/the universe/whoever you call on is 100% on your side!

Quote of the week: ”No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

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The Truth About Taking Accountability For Your Actions

To My Dearest Dad_-3.png

Taking accountability is something most people struggle with, including me. This was a goal of mine for 2018 to own up to any mishap, this was spread out to the relationship I have with myself to the relationships I have with others. I believe there’s a stigma about owning up to your mistakes, like its a bad thing. The ego doesn’t allow us to be humble and acknowledged that maybe we are wrong at times or we shouldn’t have behaved the way we did, so it fills our heads with evidence to prove that we are right. This is the agonising part where we start to lose relationships because our ego’s won’t back down.
It’s a strange feeling that we battle with often and it’s something we have to definitely acknowledge within ourselves.

Every experience teaches you a lesson and in order for you to grow and change you have to take accountability for your actions. Perhaps a situation didn’t work out and as a result, you have lost something because of your actions. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but the lesson you will learn will help you recognises your old habits and change them for the good in the future.

If there was one piece of advice I would give it would be, to be honest with yourself; sit back and think about the past experiences where you knew you should have taken accountability for something but you didn’t and it hinders you in your life today. Firstly, acknowledge where you went wrong and what lesson it has taught you. Now use the lesson it has taught you to change your action for your future. Turning a negative into a positive allows you to let go and welcome what’s to come.
Why not say a little affirmation after-

Affirmation: Thank you for the lesson this has taught me, I acknowledge it and I am ready to let it go. I am ready to change my future. 



Stay Grounded X

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


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Inspiration of the week


Stop comparing your path to anyone else. We are all on a unique path that teaches us different lessons at different times in our lives. All we see are the achievements of people desires, we don’t know what happens in the background. Just because you have the same desire as one person and they got there quicker than you, doesn’t make you any less than them. No one on this earth is perfectly formed like you and that is your gift. Flaunt it! Own it! Show it! You are in the right place at the right time and your path is unfolding beautifully.


Quote of the week: ”The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday.”- Unknown


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Stay Grounded X

9 Ways To Invest In Yourself

Invest in yourself

When was the last time you invested in yourself?

You might be thinking what do you mean investing in myself? I mean the investment where you spend some quality time by yourself and did not feel guilty about it. We are often frivolous to spend our time on others but when it comes to ourselves we lack the same enthusiasm. Perhaps one reason behind this could be because there is not enough time in the day or week for you to fully relax because they are always something that needs to be done.

In our bodies we produce endorphins, endorphins are the chemicals that are released in our bodies that cause us to feel good, by doing the things that nurture us we unknowingly release this chemical. As humans, we want to have this feeling on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So why do we not do this often?   For me, I love sitting at home with the candles lit and I go down the rabbit hole of watching Youtube and Netflix or blogging, I love the process of writing a blog post and sharing my knowledge and experiences with you. That feeling of joy that we reap should always be our attitude towards investing in ourselves overall.

Spending quality time by yourself doesn’t have to be hours on end, it could be an hour to all day. Below I have some examples of how you can spend some quality time by yourself  tapping into the mind body and soul



-Listen to a podcast to inspire your mind

-Write your thoughts and wishes in a journal

– Declutter your mind


-Go for a walk in nature (listening to the sounds around you, how do they make you feel)

-Exercise ( yoga, gym, kick boxing, pole fitness, horse riding etc)

-Cook yourself a nourishing 3 course meal



-Explore your creative side

-Start that side hustle you’ve been putting off

-Learn a new skill by enrolling in a course


Do you know about the wellness wheel? This is a great way to focus on investing in yourself in all aspect of your life through the dimensions of wellness. To learn all about it click here


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The Inspiration Station

Inspiration station


Inspiration of the week

It time to celebrate your wins in life. Everything you have overcome and achieved deserves a celebration because, once upon a time you might have thought you couldn’t reach that goal and here you are, not only achieving that goal but you have learned a lesson from it. You are braver and stronger than you tell yourself.  There’s this social awkwardness that we aren’t supposed to share the things we have achieved in fear we appear selfish or that we are better than the next person but, in order to acknowledge where we come from, we have to celebrate our success and truly feel proud of ourselves.

So this week, I want all of us (including myself) to celebrate everything we have achieved so far, no matter if it’s just getting out of bed or something as moving to another country. The things that you are most proud of deserves a celebration.

Why not dance it out to your favourite song?

Quote of the week: ”Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.”- Robin Sharma


Stay Grounded X