Feed your curiosity. It can lead you to new adventures!


Do you ever feel like you don’t know what your purpose in life is?

 Do you struggle with finding a new hobby?  

You are not alone! Trying to figure out what you would like to do can be one of the most overwhelming feelings, you don’t know where to start so you google ‘How to find a hobby or how to know what you want to do in life?’ (don’t feel ashamed, we’ve all been there) and then there is an endless list of activities or jobs but, somehow they don’t spark joy within you, so it back to the drawing board.

We always look outwards for answers but sometimes the answers are always within us, our thoughts nudge us in the direction but we choose to ignore it. Have you ever been called to do something but you ignore it and the more you ignore it, the more the thought persists. It’s your intuition telling you to fuel your curiosity and act upon it. When you try something new is always exciting with a hint scary but you always feel better after doing it.
Take me, for example, earlier this year I had a thought about wanting to learn tarot and I wasn’t sure how to so I decided to leave it. A few months later the same persisting thought of learning how to do tarot came up again and this time I acted upon it. Fast forward to the present day and I have a new found love for tarot readings and can spend an endless amount of hours actively doing it and also watching others do it. If I didn’t fuel my curiosity, I wouldn’t be having the enjoyment I have today for a newfound love.
Not every time you fuel your curiosity will you get the result you want but it better to say I am glad for this experience than what if.

If there’s one piece of advice I want you to take away today, it would be this. If you keep getting repeated calling to travel, create a business, study, learn a new activity, move homes or any kind of desire. Act upon it!! You never know where it might take you!



Live a harmonious life X


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu

Why are we in such a rush to have the ideal career, relationship, marriage, car, life experience? We are under the impression that we have to successfully achieve our life achievements in a period frame of 5 years, when your’e in your early to mid twenties. Even on a smaller scale, the tendency to speed walk, rush to eat lunch, rush our work. Time is not running out, there is no measure of time it just keeps going. It doesn’t help when we see people we’ve either grown up with or view people via social media, achieving the things we want to achieve. But, it’s ok, you are not competing with that person, you’re comparing their chapter 50 to your chapter 2. To achieve any results in life we need to have passion, perseverance and strength, not everything you achieve is going to be plain sailing but, when viewing other highlights this is not what is seen.

I have been a culprit of being in this limiting mindset myself, sometimes I catch myself thinking a thought and quickly have to take myself out of that mind frame because it boils down to this ‘what is the rush?’. I always wonder if I had everything I ever wanted handed to me right now, would I appreciate it? It’s like the old saying ‘trust the process’ to fully appreciate what you want, you have to go through a journey and like I said before it might not be plain sailing but after going through it and achieve your desire, you appreciate the hard work that was put into it ( I might be going on a tangent here but, I believe it does have some relevance).

It’s easy to adopt this habit as our ego feeds into the negative self talk of ourselves and it seeks to find things related so it confirms our understanding. We are in a constant battle between ourselves and our environment to rush and experience things.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you find your self overthinking an rushing:

  • Goals/ life experiences whatever you want will take time, enjoy the process. When you get the results you will appreciate it even more.
  • Like I previously mentioned, stop comparing your experiences to someone else highlight. They put the same amount of effort into their dreams that you have. Don’t be discouraged. Be inspired. Know that is possible
  • Have faith- Know that everything you are working towards will become a reality
  • Remember no matter what age you are currently, you have more than 20 years on this earth to experience everything you want. So what’s the rush?
  • Enjoy every moment of your life because you won’t have this experience again. Change that attitude to gratitude


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu

Stay Grounded X

Inspiration Women Of The Month

We are back and we are better!! Kicking off with April’s latest edition on Inspirational women of the month, we’ve got the lovely Georgia, who I had the pleasure of meeting and enjoying a nice conversation filled with cakes and hot chocolate.


Lets Begin…

1. Tell me about yourself/what is your brand?

My name is Georgia, I identify as a writer, producer and mental health advocate and founder of world of self care. All of my projects work around the themes of mental health and with the affect of making people feel uplifted and inspired, whether that’s through producing a show which I love the topic of or writing an article about body positivity or about self care; they all work together. My brand world of self care brings people together to explore the themes of mental health and self care and self love through creative art activities, so it might be through making a self care jar or writing a letter to yourself.

2. What fundamental advice would you share with someone ?

Take time out in your week. In your week try and take time out for yourself, not to sit on your phone or watch tv, actually be with yourself and be comfortable sitting in silence with yourself and with your body. That would be my ultimate advice. Be comfortable with being on your own and looking at yourself in the mirror and loving yourself.

3. What is your favourite quote?

I don’t know it off by heart but I know its has to be a  Brene Brown one for sure * checks phone*. She’s got so many quotes I love but it has to be ‘’ Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen’’. Because it really does, it takes a lot of courage to speak about yourself and live your truth especially with trauma or things you’ve been through but it starts by showing up and acknowledging it and being honest with yourself and not hiding it.

4. When was the last time you overcame fear and how?

Well I overcame my fear of my photoshoot on Thursday, that was scary. My photoshoot was for Curvy Kate, it was about how you see your body and how your friends see your body and what bit about your body do you like and what you don’t like and it was about exploring that. So we had to wear different types of underwear and it was scary because I’m a size 16 and I got rolls, fat, scars and stretch mark and I got like everything and I am not very comfortable with my body, my boobs get on my nerves sometimes like I love them and I hate them but, I wish I was a different body and I would like compare myself a lot to my friends and I was so scared because it was a shoot and there were makeup artist and cameras and yeah I was scared stripping off in front of these people, like I was so scared. But, as soon as I took off the dressing gown, I felt at peace. I felt so confident and that just came from me acknowledging how I feel and being like ‘ you know what, no anxiety! I am not listening to you today.

*We had a moment where we started discussing our favourite parts of our bodies*

5. Who are you inspired by?

Erm, I am inspired by a lot of people but I’m also inspired by myself. *laugh* I’ll start with the people. I am inspired by people like Grace Victory, Sonny Turner, Oprah, Brene Brown and also my mentor Sade Brown. Just amazing people who’ve started stuff out of nothing. But, I am also inspired by myself because of how far I have come and like I dropped out of school at 14 and I was really depressed and ill and started self harming and now I am doing a degree and I got my own brand so, I look at where I was and I’m like wow! I’m inspired by you. So I’m inspired by my old self.

6. What advice would you give your future self?

I’ll tell my future self to slow the fuck down! I’m trying to think, I am only 20 and I’m like I need to do this, I need to do that, I need to get married at this age or  I need to have my business plan by this age but I need to slow down, like everything going to turn out fine in the end and you just need to love yourself more because it’s a struggle that we face…Even though on Instagram and Twitter I give out self care advice, it is a struggle; some days I feel completely shit and I can’t get out of bed but, it’s ok and just be fine with that and love myself for it and love my body like my body is not going to be the same one day to the next; one week I will be bigger than the next and in 5 years time I could be really big or really skinny like whatever! my body changes, I am a women. I just need to carry on loving myself.

7. What is one thing you’re most proud of?

I am most excited for the self care festival that I’m going to produce and I’m just excited about myself and like taking over the world *laugh* It’s got to a point where I do feel comfortable with myself and I’m excited to grow even more so that I can inspire other people and be more confidence in living their best selves.

8. Where can we find you?

Instagram: @Selfcarequeen_

Twitter: @SelfCareQueen

Blog: https://selfcarequeeen.wordpress.com


A massive thank you to Georgia for participating in the April edition 🙂



Stay Grounded X

How To Manifest


If you are new to the world of manifestation, you might be thinking I’m insane or that I’m talking rubbish but as you read further on it will become clearer and clearer and before you know it, you’ll be manifesting things you thought were impossible.

As humans we tend to over complicate things that enter our minds due to complexity of the thoughts.

We often ask why can’t it be simple? and the truth is…. it is always simple, it’s us who over complicate things.

Manifest: Thinking something into existence as if it’s already here.

I know you might be thinking, how can I manifest something without it being physically here? ah ha! Thats the beauty of manifesting. You speak what you want into existence and act as if it’s your reality.

Have you ever thought about that cool top you wanted but it was a bit too pricey but when you went to try it on, it was on discount so you could buy it. That is what you call manifestation.  Manifesting your dream into a reality.

Since learning about manifestation, I have welcomed a lot of things in my reality from receiving free meals to receiving money. The list is endless with the amount of things you can manifest. Nothing is off limits.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!!!

Now it’s your turn

1. Close your eyes & think of a goal/dream/accomplishment/thing that you want to manifest.

e.g. A new phone, a new job, a new item of clothing

2. Think about what you can see, touch, hear when receiving this goal. How does it make you feel( emotionally)?

3. Spend a few moments on the thought

4. Open your eyes and say a gratitude mantra

eg. Thank you universe for what I have received. I am truly grateful for [insert goal].

5. Let go of the thought. Do not over think it & continue with your day.

Let go, did you say? You just told me to think about it.

This is truly one of the difficult stages when manifesting. Like I said before, us humans tend to over think things. When we let go of what we are manifesting, we send it out to the universe to deal with. All we do now, is be ready to receive. Once we receive it, be sure to show gratitude to receiving this goal & continue to keep those high vibes up.

I would love to hear stories about things you have manifested in the past or what you are going to manifest.

Please message me via social media so we can have a little chat 🙂




Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

Believe In Yourself, You Are Doing Great


Ever had that annoying pessimistic voice telling you ‘you can’t do it’, ‘why try you’re going to fail anyway’ or ‘ you’re not smart enough’. That’s voice I call the hater, the voice that always has something negative to say but never praises you for the hard work you do everyday. Then we enter the world of non self-trust where we make decisions based on others opinion for validation. And then it starts to become a spiral of self doubt and not believing in yourself.

However, I am here to tell you not to listen to that voice and show it who’s boss.

In this post I have written down ways to start believing in yourself. Some you already do aimlessly while others require a bit of a push from yourself. Yes, it’s hard sometimes but with the power of your words, the thoughts that you create affect your emotions.. Change your thoughts and watch you blossom!

1.Celebrate your accomplishments 

Even if it’s getting out of bed. You should be proud of the past and present accomplishments, you are brilliant.

2.Stop asking for validation of yourself from other people

No-one know the ins and out of what makes you unique beside yourself. Every decision you make is from a self trust point of view, you trust yourself massively in order to exert that decision so why seek validation from other people to back up what you already know.

Now I am not saying don’t ever ask advice from others but know when to take your own advice

3.Take past experiences as growth

Don’t beat yourself up for past experiences. Growth is a way of knowing what works and what doesn’t and applying them to future experiences.

4.Think of the positive outcomes when you believe

Visualising the successes of your dream life is great when you believe yourself. Focus on the positive rather than the negative

5.Don’t let fear stop you

Fear is a little bitch…DON’T LET IT STOP YOU!!



How To Deal With Anxiety

This blog post has been highly requested and I thought I’ll write about how I manage my anxiety. Yes, it will be long as I want to share the knowledge that I know but, I also want you to go back thinking you’ve learnt a lot and that next time this feeling happens you can deal with it.

So get a cup a tea or your preferable drink and lets dive in!

Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder within young people and I am one of them *GASP*.  People tend to say to me ‘’ You’re so daring and confident, how come you have anxiety’’ or I get ‘’ But you have a blog, doesn’t that mean you’re cured’’ Ha! I wish It was that simple but its not. Over the past years I have learnt to manage my anxiety and panic attacks when their occur. It took a lot of determination and challenges but I can say I have seen a significant difference.

I am going to get a bit technical now, but this is how you can truly understand what is happening within your body.

What is the Amygdala?

According to Oxford dictionaries Amygdala means:

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 15.05.32.png

Now I don’t know about you but that definition went straight over my head. However, I am here to give you a simple definition so you don’t finish reading this post thinking WTF.

The Amygdala is an almond shaped part in your brain. Amygdala is the reason why we have fear, it controls how we react to certain events that we find fearful and non-fearful. When we detect danger it is due to our stressors convincing our Amygdala that we are in total danger and need to get out of the situation. When we’re in a situation our bodies react in different ways e.g.. Shallow breathing, Sweaty Palms, Hyperventilating ect.   When we get out of the danger the Amygdala says ‘’I was right about that particular danger, lets avoid that thought/event FOREVER’’.  And thats how we have fear!

Fear can not be ‘erased’ or ‘cured’ but it can be managed. I will discuss some of the advice I was told and I will also discuss some of the suggestions I’ve researched.

1.Sit With The Fear

When a professional recommended this tip to me, I thought he was chatting shit and he didn’t know how anxiety feels. But once I tried it out I realised that he was on to something. I don’t know for most people but I tend to run away from a situation when my anxiety rises but if you sit with the fear you’re rivalling with the amygdala and standing up to it. Which in terms counteracts it ( You see where I’m going with this).

2.Acknowledge, Accept, Await

This ties in to the first advice,.

Acknowledge: Acknowledge that you are feeling a certain way which may lead you to a panic attack

Accept: Accept this feeling but do not overthink the feeling or give it the power to affect you physically and mentally

Await: Know that the feelings is not going to last. The feeling will only last max 5 minutes but we convince ourselves its happening for longer. When we await for the feeling to pass our brain starts to give a little cheer.


Taking slow deep breaths slows down the brain and gives you more clarity in what to do next.

4.Positive Affirmations

Telling yourself that this is going to be okay.

This feeling is not going to last.

My disorder is not going to get the best of me.

Telling yourself these positive affirmations change the thoughts within your brain and replaces the negative thoughts/emotions with positive ones.

5. Mindfulness 

A great app that I adore is insight timer, this app has a various of meditation talks, podcasts and music to help you feel calm and reflect on the things that are happening around you.

6.Seek A Professional

If this affects your day to day living and you’ve tried every tip under the sun…including these ones…My suggestion is to seek professional advice. There are a number of services that will help for example Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ( CBT), Counselling ect.

Why not join a chat rooms like Pacifica (located in the app store) where you can share your worries with people around the world and seek advice from people who have been able to manage dealing with the feelings.

Feel free to email me at thegroundedtree@outlook.com for more advice or to simply have a chat.

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Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x