This blog is dedicated to all the people who need a push in the right direction. The people who want to take care of their health and wellness but don’t know how, the people who are in the millennial era who are struggling with coping mechanism on how to function throughout their day to day life. This is for anyone who feels like they need validation from other people but all they need is to value themselves. Go on a self help journey, explore YOUlike its the first time.

I am not someone who’s studied self help spirituality for 15+ year or so(I was very young 15 years ago), I am a young woman who has embarked on this fulfilling journey and would like to share it with everyone as I never had anyone to give me encouraging words on this journey ( think of me as a best friend).  I want to show you that you can be the best version of yourself and that you are constantly evolving; you are not the same person 3 years , a month or even 15 minutes ago. You are constantly changing and thats the beauty of this journey.

Everything I talk about is from experience or tips I have throughly researched. So there will be no bullshitting through theses post

To discover the best version of yourself, click on the blog https://thegroundedtree.com/blog/ and get started on your journey 🙂


Be The Best You X