Welcome to The Grounded Tree

The Grounded Tree is dedicated to the people who want to unlock the door to becoming the best version of yourself. Whether you want to understand yourself better, break a habit or find ways to be more positive and productive. If this sounds like you, you are at the right place! Through my post, I write about spiritually by being open and approaching situations with a new positive perspective. I delve into the art of mindfulness and how each techniques can implement a present moment of calmness and being in tune with yourself. The new habits that you apply allows you to be more productive and have a positive mindset ( you see what I’ve done there).

As a reader you will get an insight of techniques that can guide you in a positive direction and a personal sharing on how this has impacted my life.  We discover things about ourselves that we don’t even know, while other times we seek support through blog posts to know that we are not alone. Everyday we are discovering new things about ourselves and that’s the beauty of being a multi-faceted individual, we are constantly evolving into a better version of ourselves and it all starts from within!

The Grounded Tree launched in 2016 after I found myself being in a constant feeling of unhappiness and not knowing what to do with myself. Through the discovery of internet and seeking ways to make me feel less sad, I came across a new world that would help me navigate my way through the storm and into the light. This is where I became aware of the art of mindfulness, manifestation, law of attraction and wellness. Fast forward to the present day, I have continued my knowledge and love for all things that bring out the best version of myself and now I want to share it with you.

Ready to start unapollogetically living the best life you can ever create? It all starts now!