I Was Living A Lie

I was living a lie and not living my truth


I recently saw this meme on Facebook and it caught my attention and resonated with me.
I remember when starting on my spiritual journey I would be inspired by other women and would question myself as when I was flicking through the endless of positive women, they were all very prim and proper, mind their p’s and q’s and was never sad. I on the hand was the total opposite of that, I go through emotions, I occasionally swear, dance and very sociable but, I also like to be an introvert and have my alone time with just me and a book. I believed the universe wouldn’t communicate with me because I wasn’t all the things I was ‘supposed’ to be.

It got to a point where I would hide my life on the internet so I appeared to fit into the social norm of being a ‘spiritual woman’. Now looking back I realise that it was utter BS, there is no definition of what a spiritual person needs to look or act like. Everyone’s definition of their spiritual growth is different, there is no one way.  I was feeding into the notion of something that did not represent me, I was living a lie.

I ended up having a pep talk with myself and vouched from now on to always live my truth, people are going to judge and it’s ok, they don’t know my worth and I don’t need to prove to them. I can be all those things above and still be living accustomed to a spiritual life that is for me, that connects me with the universe. All that matters is the levelling I continue to possess, will lead me into the multi-faceted woman I have always seen within me.
Stay Grounded X

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