Monthly Investments

What investment will you implement this month to become your greatest self

Hello June!
We are halfway through the year already and around this time is the point where we reflect on how our first half of the year has been going for us and what needs to be adapted or improved.
At the beginning of each month I set out a monthly Investment- This concept is made up of goals I want to explicitly commit to in the month that will bring me to the best version of myself, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I call them investments because I am investing in myself and once achieved I will be rewarded for those investments. Each investment will bring me to a new version of myself. I began the investment at the start of the year and upon reflecting on my own personal journey it was peaceful to see that I have managed so much in 6 months. They say if you continuously do something every day for a month or so, your mind and body start to recognise and form a habit. This is my reason for using 30/31 days as my base to form my monthly investments.

After I have written my monthly investments, I write suggestions and break downs on how I’ll be able to achieve it. Without breaking it down and guiding yourself, the investment will feel overwhelming to the point it puts you off. The suggestions and break downs is a simple way in which you will feel less overwhelmed and more excited to invest in yourself more.

At the end of the month, I do an Investment reflection, I write down how well I achieved each investment and what has been a highlight or what needs to be adapted or improved.




What’s your June Investment?

Stay Grounded X

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