When was the last time you allowed yourself to receive?


Have you ever received a compliment and you instantly retaliate with putting yourself down? An example of this is, a person telling you they enjoy your work and you reply ”thanks, but what you do is much more incredible” or when someone tells you they like something of yours like a t-shirt you’re wearing and you’re quick to put yourself down.

We’ve all been there. We continuously deflect anything that is positive towards us, sometimes it’s out of awkwardness but if we go deeper into that feeling, it actually comes from a place of low self esteem. When we feel highly of ourselves we receive without any deflection and accept who we are. 

A small simple step, but the hardest step is just to accept abundance. Allow yourself to receive, whether that comes in the form of compliments, gifts and any other luxuries, just receive without any hesitation. That does not mean becoming arrogant, it’s about being appreciative of what you are receiving without feeling bad for it.

Starting from today, whenever you receive a compliment just say thank you. Don’t justify it, just say thank you!

For the first few experiences you’re going to be itching to say something back but, just remember you are worthy of every word, gifts and luxuries you receive.

That’s all for today 🙂

Stay Grounded X

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