When Is It The Right Time To Let Go

Are you ready to move forward?

Image of balloon in the sky

Change is something constant that always happens in our life but we get very complacent in our ways and are reluctant to leave our current situation out of fear, comfortability or the uncertainty.
We’ve all been in this situation, more often than we like to admit but there comes a time where this thing feels like dead weight, it’s become more like a chore or it doesn’t serve you, this is moment you have to ask yourself are you ready to up level and leave it behind or still be stuck in the mundane position, questioning what it’s like on the other side. Perhaps it’s a relationship, career, bad habits but it needs to be gone and only you can decide whether you want to move forward or remain in the same position.

The fear of not knowing or not coping is something that as human we will always think about but, honestly, what is the worst thing that can happen, if this current situation doesn’t suit you can always go back ( in some context) or you can see this as a lesson and try an alternative. There really isn’t a thing such as failing or a failure because there are millions of alternatives and what did not work, was a lesson to take with you in the future.

The question you now have to ask yourself is…… Are you ready?

Stay Grounded X

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