The Benefits Of Journaling

The great benefits of journaling

Image of journaling by The Grounded Tree

A great way to unwind for the day and get you relaxed and ready for bed is creating a comfortable, calm atmosphere where you are able to journal. Journaling can mean different things for different people, my definition of journaling is a safe place where I am able to write my worries, anxieties, achievements, my day and from time to time I do free writing, free writing is where I put pen to paper and allow myself to write whatever I want. I am truly amazed when I finish writing and see the questions I need to be answered or what I have been overthinking about. Journaling is pretty much like talking to yourself via a letter and getting the answers you need before you post it.

Journaling at night can be a catharsis release, everything you have been dealing with; your thoughts and anxieties whether conscious or subconscious can be released by jotting a few sentences down and the best part is there is no word count. You can write 1 page or 5 pages and the only person who is ever going to see it is you, that’s the best part.
The feeling of journaling at night can put everything to rest and start the next morning with a fresher, more clearer mindset.

I encourage you to start journaling if you have not already and start by writing to your future self. A little secret is- if you write it down with intention, it’s more likely to come true 🙂

Stay Grounded X

4 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Journaling”

  1. I really like writing down my thoughts and feelings and looking back at them I always am grateful for how my life has changed since them:) I’m just starting back into my blog again and I’d really love if you wanted to check it out:) x

    1. It’s always great to look at where you’ve come from to what you’ve achieved in the present. I get such a warm feeling looking back at my old journal notes 🙂

    1. It’s worth a try, even if you don’t do it at night and opt to do it in the morning or some time where you are finished with blogging. There’s always a little moment in the day you can slip this in 🙂
      Thank you xx

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