The Power Of Your Words

When you speak negative your reality becomes negative. Learn how to change the negatives into a positive with a few simple words!

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Naturally, we put ourselves down out of self-habit. We’ve been accustomed through society to believe we can’t say positive things about ourselves to others or receive positive compliments, in fear it will come out as being self-indulged or self-centered. So we aim to downplay our greatness or say the negative side to the statement.

I know this far too well as I always do it in my everyday life, especially when someone compliments or congratulates me. I catch myself saying ‘’thanks but…’’ and that but turns into a bunch of sentence of self-loathing about the thing they have complimented me on.
It became so natural to me that I don’t realise until I noticed the words I was speaking about myself started to affect how I truly felt about me. The light bulb didn’t ping until I did something that I was extremely proud of and got numerous of compliments on and instead of saying thanks but, I said thank you I am proud of myself too and I left it. I didn’t say a word after that and I truly did feel proud. Speaking those positive words to myself really did something to me mentally and physically. I felt much lighter, happier and acceptance of what I am good at.

This experience has taught me to speak greatly of myself because the words you speak are the same words that will radiate inside you; speak positively about yourself and it will show, speak negatively about yourself and you’ll see how much it will affect you in your day to day life.

One message I will share with you. You are made for greatness, don’t let any self-doubt, hate or negative thoughts affect the greatness you’ve achieved; whether small or big if you are proud of yourself do not be unapologetic by it, shout it from the rooftop. Have that moment of honour for yourself. Speak highly of yourself, because you weren’t put on this earth to be mediocre!

Stay Grounded X

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