Embracing The Uncertanity Of Life

The art of embracing the uncertanity of life can be pretty scary. Find out how you can turn this fear into good energy.

Embrace the uncertainty blog post

Every day we are faced with uncertainty with the decision, experiences and thoughts we go through on a daily basis and some of the thoughts can be on a minuscule level such as ‘’ Will the bus arrive in 3 minutes? ’’, we don’t know for certain if the bus is going to arrive in 3 minutes but we embrace that uncertainty and we know that the bus will eventually arrive or if not in 3 minutes there is an alternative. We tend to have a nonchalant attitude towards smalls thoughts like this but, when it comes to an experience that will have a bigger impact on us, we often get into an anxious state.

Why do we not share the same attitude that we have for the bus with the bigger things in life?
Because the uncertainty scares us and as humans, we like to have control of our lives and what is going to happen next.

We should embrace uncertainty as a means of improvement. By acknowledging and welcoming this feeling we are accepting that it is there but what we do next determines how we manipulate the thought to bring the best outcome for us.
For example, If you are stuck in the mud and can’t get out, your mind starts to irrationally go into overdrive but if you acknowledge the feeling (that you are stuck) and that you don’t know how your going to get out but you know there is a way and you start to strategically find ways to release yourself. You have fundamentally found a way to overcome that situation which was the best outcome for you.

I hope this all makes sense as this is something I am still working on and by sharing my journey with you. It can help unleash any limiting thoughts you may have.

I guess what I am saying is, stop letting the fear of the unknown stop you from doing the things you want to do in life. Walk in faith, understand that you might not know how you will get to your end result but by embracing the uncertainty and having that energy of determination you will push through in life.

Stay Grounded X

2 thoughts on “Embracing The Uncertanity Of Life”

    1. It’s the initial thought that comes into our head that we find hard to shrug off as it’s mostly surrounded by self doubt. But, like you said its time to embrace it and know that there is a way out

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