How To Stop Being Hard On Yourself

Support yourself. Avoid becoming the villain in your own story- Sade Andria Zabala

Do you compare yourself to others…Do you find yourself not having your life together but at the same time have your life together…Do you find yourself saying ‘’I could have done better’’ when you have given your best?

These are all the thoughts we have when we self- criticise ourselves. If you are a perfectionist, you have definitely heard a few of these words float around your head. The saying ‘’we are our own worst critic’’ is so true, we speak so negatively about ourselves that through the repetitive thoughts and feelings, we start to believe them and then we try to reach this unattainable goal that we claim as perfection.

This is a mindset we need to stop. We are being too hard on ourselves and it is affecting the way we view ourselves.

Here are a few messages that will help shift your thoughts:

  • Every mistake is a contribution to your growth
  • Let go of the idea of perfectionism ( little secret: It doesn’t exist)
  • Stop panicking over things that are out of your control
  • Stop replaying the situation in your head and scrutinising every detail….. Let it go
  • You do have your life together!!
  • Cut yourself some slack
  • Treat yourself how you treat your loved ones
  • Celebrate your growth

”Support yourself. Avoid becoming the villain in your own story.”-Sade Andria Zabala

Stay Grounded X

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