The Mastery Of Life

The grounded tree- Mastery of life

Every day we are presented with a new situation that tests us as humans. We get tested on our patients, beliefs, behaviour, faith and many more. Often we have two ways we approach it, we either complain profusely or we don’t engage with it at all. Mainly we start with the first and go into the latter. But, the question we never ask is what is this teaching me.
For example, I will give you an experience that happened to me.

I was in a conversation with someone and I was explaining something that to me sounded simple but, the other person did not understand after the 3rd time. At this point, I was already irritated previously and this enrages me even more. I started to become short and snappy with this individual. After the conversation had ended I realised I was thinking all about me throughout the conversation and I never took into consideration how the other person might feel, perhaps I wasn’t explaining it right or maybe it just took them a little longer to process everything. At that moment I lacked empathy and if it wasn’t for me having time to reflect on the scenario, I would of never know my actions conveyed that way.
What did this experience teach me? It taught me the art of empathy and patience. Everyone is not the same, we all have our ways of understanding, learning and processing information differently. You shouldn’t be penalised, ridicule or belittled because it takes you a little longer to process it. We have all been in a situation where this has to happen and we know what it’s like to be on the receiving end.

So if you’re in a situation where a particular emotion inside you starts to ignite, just refer back to this question.

What is this teaching me about myself?

Stay Grounded X

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