How To Prioritise Your Time

Prioritising time is imperative when being productive. I talk you through how to feel and be productive with your time.

Prioritising your time

Time is constructed by humans. Each morning we make plans in accordance with how we want our day to be. But, many times we will have the intention to have a complete day planned out with tasks and end up not fulfilling them. Why you may ask? The reason why is because we don’t prioritise our time. Time management is something many of us struggle with in life, I know when it comes to my personal life I struggle with prioritising my time because they are so many things I want to do in a short space of time that I always end up throwing those plans away and immerse myself into meaningless activities so I can not think about the other tasks I need to do. I soon began to realise how damaging this became as it started to affect other areas in my life, so I set out to change this habit that I got so used to.

Here are some tips that helped me learn to prioritise my time

Understand what time of day you work best
Are you a morning person who gets most things done or are you the type of person who tends to find more creativity to achieve tasks in the evening/night. Recognising what time of day you are as a person really affects how best you work.
For me, I work best in the morning and afternoons. I try and do the hardest task in the morning so by the afternoon I have sense of relief that the hardest things to complete are out of the way. ( Ironically I am currently writing this in the middle of the night)

Which brings me on to my next tip…..

Create a priority list
Creating a prioritises list enables you to see all the things you need to complete, whether it’s small tasks to big tasks. Organising the list from most important to least important will give you an overall view on what you need to focus on first.

Set realistic small action goals
It’s all when and good saying you are going to complete X amount of things in one day but when it time to do it, there is no motivation behind it as it’s more time consuming than you thought. This is why setting yourself small attainable goals will help you in the long term to reach the overall goal. For example, if you are a student giving yourself 500 words to write towards your assignment will bring you closer to reaching the 2,000 words limit for your assignment.

Take breaks
Making sure you remove yourself from the setting you are consumed in, allows your mind and eyes to take in a different environment.

Remove any unnecessary electronic
Removing any devices such as your phone away from your peripherals helps you stay more focus and complete your tasks without any distraction. Out of sight, out of mind.

And lastly….

Stay nourished
Always have some nourishing food that helps boost your brain juice to keep you energised and productive throughout the day. I have some nuts next to me as they a lot of benefits for your body.

Stay Grounded X

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