How To Feel Comfortable On Your Own

The art to learning how to feel comfortable on your own, starts with you.

Recently I took myself out on a date, a date where I was able to treat myself to a lovely dinner and to the theatre. At first, I thought what would people think if they saw me by myself, ‘’was she on a date and the person didn’t turn up?’’ or ‘’poor her, eating food by herself’’. I was consumed with this anxiety that I needed company to assist me to do the things I want to do. It wasn’t like I’ve never eaten or gone somewhere by myself before, but there was this little voice in my head that was stopping me. After a few talks with myself, I picked myself up and slam the door behind me and off I went.
I had the most fantastic time ever, I was able to be more in tune with myself, I felt comfortable in knowing I was spoiling myself and the benefits were all for me because I truly deserved it.

We often sacrifice our own adventures we want to experience out of judgment, fear, and uncertainty. We also pre-empt what others think, but if I am being brutally honest, others are not really looking at you and if they are, they’re most likely admiring you.
Being comfortable by yourself is a habit we constantly need to apply in our self-care routine as we can get lost in life and start to rely on attachment through someone or something.

If you find yourself missing out on experiences because of other people. Why not give yourself a day in a month where you spend some time experiencing something that you want to do by yourself. You will start to see the benefits of giving yourself some time which boosts your confidence in feeling comfortable on your own.

Stay Grounded X

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