3 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

The winter season has arrived and it’s time we fight back the winter blues with these 3 techniques.

How to beat the winter blues
How to beat the winter blues

December is that month where a lot of change is happening, the weather starts to get colder, it gets dark earlier and we are all preparing for the festive period, we know and love called Christmas. It’s a strange time because although we should be happy, it can also be a time where we isolate ourselves. The weather plays a big impact on the way we feel, the lack of sunlight really plays a big role in our mood and how we feel on a daily basis. As the days get darker, we tend to retreat to our safe space which is usually our homes and we find it hard to interact with others. It’s typical to have winter blues where we feel tired, gloomy and annoyed, however when it becomes a permanent mood and affects all aspects of your life, you may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

For me, when it comes to winter season I used to become distance because all I wanted to do is stay at home. Even if friends or family reached out to me, I would make excuses not to go. The weather really did affect my mood. However, this year around I don’t know what has happened but I enjoy spending time out with my loved ones and seeing the Christmas lights when its dark uplifts my mood in a way.

In order to overcome your winter blues and find ways to not isolate yourself, I have a few tips that have helped me and will help you.

  1. Go outdoors
    Spend as much time as you can outside in the daylight, even if it’s for 20 minutes. The serotonin  is a chemical that is released in your brain to reduce anxiety and stress. Spending the right amount of time in the daylight will improve your mood

2. Reach out to your friends/family
No-one knows what is going on inside your head and if you don’t speak up about your anxieties, others won’t know. Letting your loved ones know what you are going through will relieve some stress on your part and make your loved ones aware of how you’re feeling.

3. Change the voice in your head
All the negative talk you tell yourself, as a result, affects how you feel. To change that frequency, you need to find ways of speaking positive affirmations into your life. Changing your language and your thought pattern will enable you to step out of your comfort zone and bring more joy when you let go and say yes.

Stay Grounded X

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