The Truth About Taking Accountability For Your Actions

The truth about accountability

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Taking accountability is something most people struggle with, including me. This was a goal of mine for 2018 to own up to any mishap, this was spread out to the relationship I have with myself to the relationships I have with others. I believe there’s a stigma about owning up to your mistakes, like its a bad thing. The ego doesn’t allow us to be humble and acknowledged that maybe we are wrong at times or we shouldn’t have behaved the way we did, so it fills our heads with evidence to prove that we are right. This is the agonising part where we start to lose relationships because our ego’s won’t back down.
It’s a strange feeling that we battle with often and it’s something we have to definitely acknowledge within ourselves.

Every experience teaches you a lesson and in order for you to grow and change you have to take accountability for your actions. Perhaps a situation didn’t work out and as a result, you have lost something because of your actions. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but the lesson you will learn will help you recognises your old habits and change them for the good in the future.

If there was one piece of advice I would give it would be, to be honest with yourself; sit back and think about the past experiences where you knew you should have taken accountability for something but you didn’t and it hinders you in your life today. Firstly, acknowledge where you went wrong and what lesson it has taught you. Now use the lesson it has taught you to change your action for your future. Turning a negative into a positive allows you to let go and welcome what’s to come.
Why not say a little affirmation after-

Affirmation: Thank you for the lesson this has taught me, I acknowledge it and I am ready to let it go. I am ready to change my future. 



Stay Grounded X

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