The Ultimate Way To Show Gratitude

Inspiration Advice


Inspiration Advice

*Disclaimer* Before we get into it, I know I missed last weeks inspiration station. Life got a bit too busy and before I knew it, a week flew by.

Inspiration of the week

Receiving unexpected things from loved ones always brings a smile to our face. A sense of love and gratitude elevates our mood when we receive something out of the blue. Imagine if we could share those feelings we feel, by returning the favour to someone else.

This weeks inspiration is to send a thank you message to someone or more than one person who has helped you in your life. This can be a family member, a friend, a mentor or even a teacher. Perhaps they encouraged you to step out your comfort zone and now you are totally killing it or maybe they send you funny memes when you’re not feeling great; whatever the case maybe be, you are grateful for them.

I sent a thank you message to one of my closest friend who I haven’t spoken to in a while ( it was probably a week ago but felt like ages). Before I even sent the message I sat and reflected on how grateful I am for this person in my life and after receiving their reply, the appreciation grew by 1000%.
You never know what kind of day that person is having and just a simple message can brighten up their day

Quote of the week: “Find the good and praise it.” -Alex Haley

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Stay Grounded X

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