The 7 Dimensions Of Wellness

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*Free PDF worksheet*

Ever felt like you have your life together but, there are certain areas that could be improved. I’m not talking about a drastic change but one that you can simply build from, by having an awareness of where you need to improve on.
Recently I had that feeling, the feeling to get my life in order just a little bit more, so I decided to look at the areas of my life without being too harsh on myself. This is how I discovered the 7 dimensions of wellness.
This is an exercise where you can judge what level your wellness is currently at and how fulfilled you are in this area too. There are 7 dimensions that make up your life Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Financial and Environment. Each area makes up a portion of how multi-dimensional your life is. Think of it as a checklist and you are ticking to see if everything is balanced.
I will break down what each area consist of and the examples.
Physical wellness is the ability to exercise
Eat a well-balanced meal
Drinking the daily recommended water intake
Managing stress levels
Having regular check up’s (dental, doctors, sexual health)

Feeling balanced on an emotional scale
Acknowledging your faults from a non-judgemental place
Taking time out to recharge
Managing healthy relationships between yourself and others
Getting plenty of rest

Gaining knowledge about the world around you
Engaging with learning something new
Reading, watching films or listening to podcasts
Talking to new people
Reading the newspaper

Understand your beliefs
Knowing your self worth
Connecting to your higher self
Understanding your mind and body

Having a balanced social life
Spending time with family and friends
Doing activities you enjoy
Actively developing healthy relationships
Interacting with the world

Investing your money into the right things
Having a saving accounts
Creating a budget
Learning about becoming more financially stable

Having an awareness of the social issues with the environment
Decluttering your room
Taking other uses of transportation
Taking care of your surroundings

Overall score:

Your overall score is an indication how balanced out of 100 you are currently feeling out of all the 7 areas. You should be aiming to be scoring 10 in each earlier, but fear not if you haven’t scored a perfect ten because thats when you discover how to improve.

Once you have rated these 7 areas out of 10 to your satisfaction, it is now time to acknowledge where you could improve.
Underneath the wheel I want you to write down how you will improve to boost your score.

For example, my personal rating for the environmental area is a 6. I do recycle my rubbish but, I do not actively have any awareness about buying local produced products over imported products and what they do to keep the meat persevered. This is just one way I can improve to boost my levels in the environmental area.

I have created a free PDF worksheet which enables you to see the wellness wheel and the examples that come under each area. You can print it out or fill it in automatically.

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Stay Grounded X

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