The Inspiration Station


Inspiration station

A new feature has been added to the grounded tree and that is the Inspiration Station. This will be where I’ll share short advice to inspire you to be the best you can be. Think of me as that friend or family member who gives you a nudge in the right direction.
As this is a new feature within the blog let’s centre today’s theme around new beginnings.

This is the station where you get all your inspiration😉

Inspiration 101

Do something new every day that challenges you.
The initial thought of doing something new is frightening. You don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t know how it will turn out but, as long as you know that everything you do within your life, teaches you a lesson and enables you to grow from beyond your current level. This should give you more motivation to change the way you live for the better.


Quote of the day: Success comes in cans, not cant’s. Do something today that will reward your future self.


Stay Grounded X

2 thoughts on “The Inspiration Station”

    1. It’s so true. You never know what could be going on in someone’s lives and just a little motivation can go along way. Thank you so much

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