Go With The Flow



Change and fear of the unknown are one of the biggest anxieties people face including myself. I hate change and often feel panicked and anxious about a situation where I’m not in control or the thought of not being in control gets me feeling anxious. When I have entered the situation and it went surprisingly well, I always overthink why did I get myself so worked up about it.

I was listening to a video recently that made me fully understand why we are reluctant to change. We are scared of change because we consciously prejudge how a situation is going to go. Usually, it starts with the negative thoughts of us failing, we dive into those thoughts and before we know it we have gone into a spiral of questioning. We then find an excuse to why we can’t do it and search for evidence to strengthen our clarification that what we ‘believe’ is right.

But, what happens when you can’t run from a situation, what do you do?
Recently, I was in a predicament where I was offered an opportunity that I didn’t think I was capable for the role. Normally,
I would find any excuse to turn it down and then beat myself up about it later. But instead, I said yes!. I didn’t know what I was doing or even if I was appropriate for the role but, I went in there with the confidence and knowledge that whatever I do, I will gain from it.

Every situation you have been in has taught you something new about yourself, whether you enjoyed it or not. These are the fundamental lesson that you should be aware of when entering a new phase of change. When something is not to your taste, the lesson behind is ‘’ In order for me to know what I do like, I have to go through the things I don’t like’’. If you think about it, everything you’ve been doing, you once tried and didn’t know how it would turn out.
That is the beauty of going with the flow, you never know where it can take you and most of the time it always ends up in your favour.

So my message to you is to stop trying to control a situation because what you might think is not for you, is definitely meant for you.

best things happen unexpectedly

Stay Grounded X

4 thoughts on “Go With The Flow”

    1. We automatically work ourselves up and try to pile on as much as we can but as you said highlighting the positives about change can really help us have a different perspective. Thank you for your comment

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