How To Take Care Of Your Health


We have all been in the position where someone has asked you to do something and you know you should say no, but because you feel bad and feel on the spot, you do it anyway and before you know it, you are overthinking why you said yes to taking on more work.
As soon as you’re doing the work you notice that it’s affecting your sleep, your ‘me’ time and your health and really and truly you should have just said no.
Putting yourself first sounds like one rule you don’t even have to think about, it’s like of course, you have to put yourself first. However, it is easier said than done. When you are a person who wants to help others, you can end up entwined in other peoples lives and abandon yourself.

This was me recently and I learned the hard way. I was killing myself at work and accepting extra responsibilities here and there and slowly I was becoming ill, I thought it was something minor and it wouldn’t affect me so, I carried on with my responsibilities. Until I felt a shift in my health, I was becoming weak, weaker than normal and it didn’t feel right. I came home after work and that’s when my body crashed. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t stay awake, my body just gave up. Over a course of a week, I was able to regain my appetite and energy back and was back to my old self. What I learned from the experience was that if I put myself first and said no when taking on the extra responsibilities I would have not been as poorly as I was or poorly at all. I had to understand I am not a superhero, if I can’t do something someone else will, it’s that simple. My health physical and mental will always be a top priority when it comes to anything I invest myself in.

Below is a list of ways to invest in your health when you feel overwhelmed:

  • Read a book
  • Watch a series
  • Talking to a loved one
  • Have some ‘me’ time
  • Turn off your phone
  • Cook yourself a nice meal
  • Go for a walk
  • Exercise ( gym, kickboxing or running)
  • Take each thing one at a time
  • Take a good nap

This week I want you to be aware of the number of responsibilities you have and learn to say no to anything that applies more pressure on yourself. Learn to say no without feeling guilty. Remember your health is more important


Stay Grounded X

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