Girl Boss Quotes You Need To Know


I have a confession to make.

I am obsessed with quotes….like to the point where I will recite a quote or show you a quote in the middle of a conversation. I’m surrounded by them, whether that’s in my room, on my phone or in my quotes journal ( yes I have a book dedicated to quotes..I told you it was an obsession).

Quotes are just little reminders to tell you that you can achieve anything in life!

Below I will share my all time favourite quotes broken up into 3 categories: Self Love,  Motivation and Happiness

Self Love:






goal change


ameila earhart





good llaugh











What’s your favourite quote?


Stay Grounded X

3 thoughts on “Girl Boss Quotes You Need To Know”

    1. I’m glad to see a fellow quote obsesser here☺️A really great app I have is brainyquote, each day you are notified with a new quote and it just brightens up my day. What’s your Instagram?

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