How To Create Your Own Zen Space


Having a space full of clutter and mess is not a great thing to wake up or come home to. You tell yourself you will do it as soon as you’re finished with your other tasks and before you know it, you have an avalanche of clutter falling down on you ( slight exaggeration but you know what I mean). I am a firm believer that the space around you affects how you feel mentally. I know for me when my room is full of clutter, which usually consist of my handbags being thrown around the room and not in it’s designated place and my clothes not being tidied neatly away, I get very discombobulated. However, now that I have recognised the effects of when my place of zen is not tidy, I actively try to keep it as clutter free to avoid another avalanche. 

A great thing about a tidy space is that you can find everything in a matter of seconds. Imagine you have lost an important documents and your space is cluttered and messy and you need to find it; you’ll spend ages trying to remember where you last saw it. Whereas, if your room was free from all the clutter, it would be much easier.

Like a minimalist, everything that they need is in its rightful spot, this is something you want to incorporate in your place of zen.


  • Add a few scented candles in your room- This helps release the serotonin in your body this chemical contributes  to your feel good hormone. The scented candles create a relaxed environment.


  • Plants- I have recently discovered my new obsession with having plants in my room. Having plants in my room brightens up my day and allows me see the plant blossom through it’s grown.It has been proven talking positively to plants can rapidly improve their growth!


  • Chill zone- Creating a space in the room where you can relax in a comfy chair creates an ambiance within your zen. I always sit in my bed and use my laptop, even though I have many other spaces in the room I can use but I started to realise I would become lazy and tend to have creative blocks. Now I’ve opt to sitting on the chair it has taken me out of the lethargic mood I was in and changed it into a positive more awake mode.


  • Quotes-  Having quotes around the room is one of the ways to keep you focused and energised with your desires. I am the quotes queen!! Everywhere you look in my place of zen, there is a quote. Sometimes I just sit there and look at them and meditate for a few minutes about what the quotes says.
  • Sage- I don’t know why I did not put this first but getting a real cleanse of the room, so new positive energy is invited into the room. This is a massive part in creating a positive vibe within a room. You can get different forms of sage from sage sticks to liquid cleansing mist( this is what I’m currently). They all work in the same way.


And remember a tidy zen is a tidy mind!

Stay Grounded X

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