Taking Time Out For Yourself

Time out

We spend most of our days doing stuff that don’t fulfil us, activities that we are required to do not what we want to do. We are constantly wrapped up in work, education, personal life that we end up not taking care of ourselves before it’s too late. It’s only when we are completely burnt out and have to take time off, we realise that we have overworked ourselves. 

We have 86,400 seconds during the day and a large amount is taken up by the activities that require us to do activities that help us survive for example work. There is still another chunk left for us to take time out for ourselves and do something that we can immerse ourselves into without any distraction and fully commit to it.

I did a little challenge for myself and I took a week off to just have some me time and get to know myself a bit more. You might be thinking Lia, how can you not know yourself? but I realise through my non-stop working, I was starting to just go through the motions of the day and not actually doing stuff I enjoy.  

This was the best feeling and strangest feeling I could ever imagine. The first few days I felt lost at what to do, I had all this free time and nothing to do. But after gaining my composure I felt like the world was my oyster, I started to explore my city and discover new places that I’ve never been, I was reading more frequently ( currently reading Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown) and I also created a new vision board that is mounted on my wall where I can see it every morning and every evening. The reason behind creating a new one is because as I grow, my goals do too and the old goals I either manifested into reality or they didn’t align with the new version of me. 

Braving the wilderness by Berne Brown


Spending time on your own without any distraction is a sanctuary moment because you are absorbed in your own fulfilment and no-one can interrupt you. Each day set aside a fair amount of time for you to do something you enjoy, whether that is yoga, reading a new book or watching a Ted talk ( this is currently my new obsession).

What brings you joy? Find that activity and start doing it more often!!

enjoy today

Stay Grounded X

4 thoughts on “Taking Time Out For Yourself”

  1. This is so true! I’m the kind of person who will work work work till I burn out and my body shuts down, it’s like a hamster week that keeps getting faster! This was so helpful to read, we must give ourselves time to relax and just be! Xxx

    1. I know the exact feeling especially when you want to stay on top of things but in hindsight you are burning yourself out.
      It should be compulsory to take a day off to just relax and enjoy your own company!!

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