Goal Setting & The Reality


A great idea seep into your head. You tell yourself you’re going to write it down. A second later something else consumes your thoughts and that idea is gone.
It happens to the best of us and although no matter how hard we try and hold on to the thought, there is always something that will distract us.

A goal is vision you pursue into fruition for your present and future self. In order to see and feel the reality of your dreams, it starts with writing it down and looking from an outside perspective. It’s been known that when you write down your goals; it is more likely for the goal to become a reality. I always harper on about writing down and journalling your thoughts and the reason why I am so passionate about it, is because I have seen it make a difference not only in my life but others. When you write your intention all the energy you emit sinks into the sheet of paper and reflects back out in the world. The actions you do, bring you closer to your goal.

Today I want you to set your goals for the month, write down your goals where you can see them everyday and start living and taking action to make it a reality. This can be written down on paper, on your phone or it can be a morning mantra you write down before starting your day.


Stay Grounded X

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