Random Acts Of Kindness


In my blog posts I always talk about ways to understand and help yourself to become a better person. However, I never speak on the impact of sharing your wisdom and kindness with others. By just talking to someone or helping them, not only shines light on you but also brings joy and warmth to the person receiving the kind act.  Meeting people in different social environments evoke friendship, relationships and great interaction with people you may never encounter before.

In the UK more so in London, we tend to keep ourselves to ourselves and do not interact with others. Which unfortunately creates an exclusion between everyone. There are those small fulfilling occasions when you receive something from a stranger and your mood instantly changes; from a stranger holding the door open for you to a random conversations where you end up getting jobs out of it ( this happened to me before).

My random act of kindness this week was helping a young girl find courses in higher education and connecting her to appropriate people. In doing so we had a lovely conversation where I learnt a lot about her as an individual and not as a student in a school.

Random acts of kindness are great ways to free ourselves from selfishness and give back to someone without getting something in return.

Try and remember a time someone did a random act of kindness to you and how it made you feel. Now, it’s your turn to grace others with your generosity.

I will list some examples below of acts you can do for people:

  • Leave some money in a machine
  • Compliment someone (eg. staff at a store)
  • Smile at someone….the power of smiling is infectious!!
  • Forgive someone
  • Help someone
  • Donate
  • Buy something for someone (e.g.. stranger in a queue)
  • Lend a hand to someone who’s struggling
  • Talk to someone new

you will


Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

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