Give Yourself Time To Grow

wanna go to prom with me?-2

In my personal life a specific type of conversation has been manifesting everywhere I go and it has made me realise a lot about ourselves as humans. This conversation I’ve endured in, is the conversation of accomplishment, specifically about marriage, children and living this ‘adult life’. When I discuss this topic with women I often get the sense of lack and stability from this area.

Why are we so driven to this idea of having this perfect life where we are financially stable with a kid and a loving husband all by the age of 26?

I know.

It’s society’s idea of a woman.

Now, I’m not going to delve in on that particular subject but, I will talk about you as an individual.

We tend to set unrealistic achievements by a certain age limit and when we don’t achieve them by that time, we look at ourselves as a failure. We start to compare ourselves to the next person who has achieved greater things.

We are all born on different days, weeks, months and years, we did not come into the world comparing ourselves or telling ourselves we need to be like the next person. We all started somewhere to become who we are today. This was and still is an journey nobody else has gone through besides you.

We are all on a journey of growth and there is no set age limit that you need to achieve things by. Do not let yourself or others discourage your journey.

I want you to go through this week and the rest of your life unapologetically being your own unique self. I want you to know every accomplishment, set back and challenge has formed you into the beautiful person you are today and remember no two journeys are the same!!


life is a journey

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

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