The Art Of Silence



We have thousands of thoughts running through our head each second and most of them focus on the past or worrying about the future. It can be very overwhelming and can develop into a constant self doubt about yourself. We either tend to go down the rabbit hole or we tend to distract ourselves with other activities, but it’s always niggling at the back of our minds.

Yes, it is good to check in with yourself but when it becomes an unhealthy comparison, it’s time to take a step back…This is where the art of silence comes in.  One moment in the day can change our mood in a matter of minutes.

Have you ever been in a good mood and one thought sends you into a spiral of thoughts, resulting into a bad mood?

Finding a safe calm environment and sitting in silence is a form of cleanse that I find very therapeutic. The art of silence allows you to connect with yourself from a non judgemental place and have an awareness of your thoughts without piecing the wound. I would love for you to try this out and reflect on what you notice and feel afterwards.

At first you will observe a lot of less important thoughts from song lyrics to conversations you had throughout the day but after filtering those through, you will be left with silence. And in that moment, you have reach a wellbeing of peace.

This is not something I expect you to perfect first time, it takes a lot of will power to tune your thoughts into utter silence. Don’t beat yourself up. Trust in the process & the rest will magically unfold.



Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

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