The Year Of You


New year, new growth, new challenges.”- Lia be

Trying to get organised for the new year is a continuous goal we all have each year. We try to make it last but we always seem to fall short within the first month (myself included). If your like me, you’ll buy the notebooks, planners, use apps on your phone to stay organised but no matter how much you try, it does seem to last long.

You might fall into the mindset of ‘I am lazy’, ” I’ll do it tomorrow” or ”It’s not for me”. However, the words you tell yourself, are the actions you produce. In order to stop this limiting belief, you need to to be mindful with your words before you take action.

When I say be mindful of your words, I mean stop using excuses to stop you from doing something. Stop allowing those beliefs about being lazy affect your results. The only thing that is stopping you is you.

Before we take action in becoming organised we need to start small & simple. It all starts with the words we tell ourselves and that we speak out. This starts with changing the should of, would of, could of’s to I will & I can.

When we start to change the words, then the real action beings.

So lets start!

Here are a few sentences we can start:

I will and I can [ Insert task/goal]

I am capable of smashing this 

I can complete this 

I am fulfilled when doing this task

Why not come up with your own & display it somewhere where you can see it.


P.s Happy New Year!! Thank you so much for the love and support I get on this blog. I cherish every moment from the process of writing  to the lovely comments I received. I can not thank you all enough. Thank you once again & I will see you in 2018 ♥

the year

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