2017 Achievements



We are coming towards the end of the year ( can you believe this year is soon over) & usually this is the time where people tend to reflect on the year they’ve had and find new alternative ways to cut out certain people or try to create a new year, new me approach. However, we never just focus on all the achievements we’ve made in one single year. Why should we only focus on the negative things that have happened to us during the year instead of focusing on the wonderful achievements we have made in this incredible journey of a year.

I decided to come up with a 2017 list. It’s not your ordinary list, its everything you’ve achieved in the year of 2017 & I mean everything from big to small. This is a time to reflect on how amazing you have grown and how much challenges you have faced but still manage to overcome those difficulties from the past year.

My list goes a little bit like this:


-First published post in consumer health digest

-Taking risk without fear of failing

These are just a few of the achievements I have made this year. If your super keen on this idea, why not make a month to month year list. Each month write down as many things you’ve achieved for that month. You will be amazed at what you’ve accomplished.

Now why not try it out for your self.

What are some of your achievements this year?


the best


Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

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