How To Manifest


If you are new to the world of manifestation, you might be thinking I’m insane or that I’m talking rubbish but as you read further on it will become clearer and clearer and before you know it, you’ll be manifesting things you thought were impossible.

As humans we tend to over complicate things that enter our minds due to complexity of the thoughts.

We often ask why can’t it be simple? and the truth is…. it is always simple, it’s us who over complicate things.

Manifest: Thinking something into existence as if it’s already here.

I know you might be thinking, how can I manifest something without it being physically here? ah ha! Thats the beauty of manifesting. You speak what you want into existence and act as if it’s your reality.

Have you ever thought about that cool top you wanted but it was a bit too pricey but when you went to try it on, it was on discount so you could buy it. That is what you call manifestation.  Manifesting your dream into a reality.

Since learning about manifestation, I have welcomed a lot of things in my reality from receiving free meals to receiving money. The list is endless with the amount of things you can manifest. Nothing is off limits.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!!!

Now it’s your turn

1. Close your eyes & think of a goal/dream/accomplishment/thing that you want to manifest.

e.g. A new phone, a new job, a new item of clothing

2. Think about what you can see, touch, hear when receiving this goal. How does it make you feel( emotionally)?

3. Spend a few moments on the thought

4. Open your eyes and say a gratitude mantra

eg. Thank you universe for what I have received. I am truly grateful for [insert goal].

5. Let go of the thought. Do not over think it & continue with your day.

Let go, did you say? You just told me to think about it.

This is truly one of the difficult stages when manifesting. Like I said before, us humans tend to over think things. When we let go of what we are manifesting, we send it out to the universe to deal with. All we do now, is be ready to receive. Once we receive it, be sure to show gratitude to receiving this goal & continue to keep those high vibes up.

I would love to hear stories about things you have manifested in the past or what you are going to manifest.

Please message me via social media so we can have a little chat 🙂




Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

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