The Benefits Of Spending Time Alone

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We are constantly surrounded by people and energies  physically, mentally & virtually. In a matter of minutes we can contact anyone around the world. We step out of our humble abode and we we’re surrounded by energies.  We spend so much time surrounded by people frankly, by the end of the day we are exhausted. It can be overwhelming and some times we need to get away. It’s time to shut the world out and focus on you.

Spending alone time is very therapeutic & I’m here to tell you why you should spend good quality time by yourself.

The benefits of spending time alone:

  • More Time- You have more time to spend doing what you want to do & not comprising with someone else. If that means going to the museum or sleeping in till noon, then you can do it!


  • Know Yourself- By spending alone time, you learn so much about yourself.  You start to explore yourself from within. You learn what you like and don’t like or how to communicate better with yourself or others on an advance level. You can kind of say it’s like therapy but for yourself 🙂


  • Disconnect- When I say alone time, I mean A-L-O-N-E Time! That means without any social media to distract you. Just you & you alone. Disconnecting from virtual reality helps you become more productive and get shit done.


  • Independence- Spending time alone creates more independence within yourself. The things you couldn’t bare to do without someone else, you are doing happily by yourself,


  • Validation- Whenever we do something, we always seek validation from someone as we don’t trust our intuition. This tip goes in hand with tip number 2, when we know our self  we know to trust our intuition and stop seeking validation from others. It is easier said than done but by tuning into ourselves we learn how to compact self doubt.


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Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You x



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