Law Of Attraction- 17 Second Technique


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Here’s another Law of Attraction post, as you know I am obsessed with the law of attraction and learning new techniques while implementing the ones I already know just brings me more knowledge and more joy.

Recently, I discovered the 17 second technique by Abraham Hicks & I’ve been fascinated ever since reading upon this technique.

Abraham Hicks created this amazing technique in order to manifest your dreams into a reality.  When trying to manifest or focus purely on what you truly desire ,having 17 seconds of pure intentional thoughts will not only raise your vibrations but keep you more focus on the goal/desire.

Our minds are set up in a complex manner where we think one thought and as soon as we are in the middle of that a thought, another thought attaches itself to it, creating a positive or negative reaction. With 17 seconds of pure high intentional thoughts we can change our mood around just like that.

Hick’s analogy is:

17seconds= 2,000 energy increase

68 seconds= 2,000,000 energy increase ( That is enough for your manifestation to start becoming a reality)

17 seconds + 17 + 17 + 17=68 seconds (roughly 1minute & 7 second)

68 seconds of pure thoughts for your manifestation to take place! It seems so easy right?? Because it is.

How to implement this technique:

  1. Sit/lie down in a comfortable place where you will have no distraction and close your eyes and vision how this goal will unfold. Think about how it makes you feel, what the goal means to you etc.


2. Every morning or evening ( depending on your mood) you can implement this technique for 68 seconds….because really and truly, we all can take 68seconds out of our day

And that is literally it…..Told you it was easy

Happy VictoriaDay to you, bud!

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read the article and comment 🙂

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