How To Get Motivated When Feeling Lazy



Guess who’s back!

Back again!

Lia’s back!

Back again!!!

Ok so I know I have some explaining to do about the sudden disappearance I took but I will explain the reasons in a next blog post. But for now let’s celebrate being back with a new post.

Today’s post is about how to get motivated when you feel a bit on the lazy side. I know for a fact we all have experiences this feeling ( more than once a week). We’ve all had or currently have a to-do list longer than our arm and the thought of achieving everything in one day is just too overwhelming that in the end we put it off. However, we tend to forget that tomorrow is a new day and that means adding extra tasks to the already exisiting list and it just gets even longer…. why do we do this to ourselves!!

Well I’m here to kick you up the butt with a few simple tips to get you motivated to start, maintain and achieve the tasks on the list!


  1. Get into the right mindset- When approaching the daunting list, instead of telling yourself ‘’ugh, I can’t do it’’, tell yourself ‘’ I can & I will’’ ( even if it takes you more than a day). Having the right mindset to get started on a task will be super beneficial in the long run.
  2. A task at a time- This tip ties into the first one when looking at the daunting list. Look at the first task you have to complete and take your time. Make sure you have completed it fully and take a break after each task to re-energise yourself.
  1. Listen to music- Music has a healthy positive response to your mind and body when doing a task that you lack a bit of motivation in. Music distracts you in such a way that you start to enjoy the task more and tend to exceed more.

*secret time* Every time I write a post, I always listen to music (usually upbeat) to get me in the mood & before I know it, within that hour I have wrote more than 2 post.

  1. Plan ahead- Schedule a day or two to get these task done so that you can relax for the rest of the week.
  1. Set an end goal- Comprise with yourself. A great way to do this is tell yourself that if you finish theses task, you can indulge in a bit fat chocolate cake after ( that always helps me haha)



Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

9 thoughts on “How To Get Motivated When Feeling Lazy”

    1. I believe when we transition into winter, we tend to feel sluggish. The days get shorter and it gets darker earlier but as long as we keep the motivation we had for the rest of the year, we can’t go wrong😊. Thank you for reading my post xxx

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