Perfectly Imperfect

dont waitt

Perfectionist: a person who demands perfection of himself, herself, or others.

I recently posted a picture on Instagram and I had people messaging me saying that they too suffer from this idea of perfectionism and it pulled me to write a post about this stigma we have against ourselves.

I am a perfectionist!

Yes I’ve said it and although I laugh about it to people I speak with, deep down it crumbles me up inside.

I want to focus on the demands of perfection of yourself. If you suffer from being a perfectionist like me then you know the struggles of wanting everything to be ‘perfect’, perfect life, perfect job, the perfect relationship etc. The list is endless.

But, I’ve got some news for you, the more you try to keep up this unrealistic perfect image of yourself, the more you loose control and enter a feeling of anxiety and even depression. I have definitely been there and still to this day I struggle.

What I’ve learnt to realise is that there is no such thing as perfect. The idea of ‘perfect’ is just a thought in our mind that we over analyse and start to believe what we are not.

The challenges and mistakes we go through is what makes us human, its what makes us grow and is what makes us stronger. To be honest, I’ll rather be real human who experiences mistakes and achievements over a  perfect human who later on in life ends up very isolated and alone .

So together me and you, you and I, we are going to beat this idea of being perfect in our everyday life, we are going to start being real. We are going to start celebrating and showing gratitude to the times we have made a mistake & not done something correctly. We are going to beat this once and for all.

Below, I’m going to suggest a few things that you can do to overcome the pressure of being a perfectionist:

1.Think of your mistakes as lesson 

2.Learn how to stop setting unrealistic high standards for yourself. Instead go through the motions of experiencing each task at a time

3.Look for the positives in life

4.Celebrate & appreciate each step of the process 

5.Don’t compare yourself to other

perfectly imperfect


Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

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