Accepting & Acknowledging Emotions


I am the epitome of blocking out memories or emotions which have caused me distressed. I’ll rather distract my mind on something new and positive rather than dwelling in the past.

Can anyone relate?

I felt like I was doing the right thing. As soon as the old memory floated to the front of my brain, it would be suppressed down so hard, it drowned and never came back up again for the rest of the day. But, I realised the more you try to suppress it, the more it floats up and cause more damage in my head.

What I needed to do was to accept and acknowledge my past memories & emotions and know that I don’t have to engulf myself in these difficult emotion. I can simply just show it gratitude and move on. 

It’s definitely easier said than done but with a lot of practise and patience when it comes to shifting the mindset, soon enough you’ll be accepting every emotion and not dwelling on it.

Below are a few steps to take to help you grow through past emotions:

1.Identify- Identify the problem. Is it a memory stemmed from your childhood? or When the emotion rises up, does it affect anyone else? 

2. Acknowledge- Acknowledge that there is an underline memory/emotion that is suppressed in your subconcious/conscious, that won’t leave.

3.Gratitude- Thank yourself for identifying these emotions but know, they no longer require a space in your brain.  An example of this is-  Thank you for identifying the suppressed emotion I tried to bury but I no longer in that mindset anymore & I can acknowledge this emotion without overthinking it.” 

4.Accept- Accept the emotion for what it is while showing unconditional gratitude for it

5.Let Go- After the process, let it go. You are no longer anchored to that thought. It is time now to let it go and growth from this experience

”Don’t look back, keep your eyes forwards”


Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X


8 thoughts on “Accepting & Acknowledging Emotions”

  1. Thank you for sharing. People focus on the positive and forget that in order to heal and grow we must be aware of all our emotions. The minute we suppress is when we start moving forward in our journey. There is duality in life and acknowledging every spectrum of emotions will help grow and appreciate ourselves more.

    1. You are most welcome. I totally agree with you, you hit the nail on the head. We ( me included at times) tend to suppress the emotions and focus on the end result which is positivity but they forget you have to go through the emotions to experience the end result

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