I Am Not Happy 24/7


News alert: I am not happy 24/7!!

Let me repeat myself….I am not happy 24/7. I think people except positive people to be positive all the time. Most people think that if they do have a cry or get angry it’s a sign of weakness. Truth is, positive people do have negative thoughts, we just try to not let our thoughts consume us but at times it’s inevitable. After all we are human.
We are allowed to feel upset, we are allowed to cry and we are definitely allowed to be angry. Personally, I think crying is therapeutic, just having a really long cry always releases old or unsurfaced emotions that I didn’t know was there.

So next time you feel like you have to put a brave face on, just remember you are human! You are allowed to be upset and accept the support from your friends and family when in need of help. Don’t suffer in silence.

That’s it for now until next time…


Be Bold, Be Strong, Be You X

19 thoughts on “I Am Not Happy 24/7”

  1. I totally agree. Crying IS like a form of therapy, you have to feel your emotions in order to understand and regulate them. xxx

  2. Couldn’t agree more! I hate it when your mood changes and you’re a little more quiet and everyone comments on it!
    It’s okay to be sad, and sometimes even healthy to have a little cry!
    Love the post 💛

    1. Oh yes thats one of my pet peeves, and it always makes me paranoid that everyone can see something is wrong with me. It is most definitely okay to be sad even if the sadness last a day or so. Sometimes you need time to mourn over the feeling x

    1. Yay! I’m glad that this post has helped you. It definitely okay not to be okay even if it’s for a day or 2. But, always try to get yourself out of that rut. You don’t want to be there forever💕

  3. Loving this. I have been in a self-loathing and miserable rut all weekend, and it is definitely ok to have those days, because everyone does! Some times you need a little ‘down time’ to rest and recover.

    Claudia xo

  4. I truly appreciate this post! It is okay to be not okay, we all go through the motions and forcing yourself to not express that all the time doesn’t do you any good. All you do is add a layer on and it will resurface later.

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