Appreciating Others


Do you have those friends or family members who are just filled with joy and happiness & every time you see them you know you’re going to be going back home with an instant 6 pack . The day is filled with so much laughter and love that in that moment you really  appreciate their company. That feeling….is the feeling of appreciation, appreciating someone you value. 

Most of the times we don’t tell our special person how much we value them for being in our lives ( I’m guilty of it as well).

So I’ve got a challenge for you!- Tell that special friend, family member, boyfriend etc that you appreciate them!!

Below are a few tips on how you can show your loved one how much you value them:

1.Words- Say I love and appreciate you. Let them know that you are thankful their in your life.

2. Do a random act of kindness- Pay for their meal/drink when out. Gift them with something meaningful that represents the relationship.

3. Honesty- Be honest with them, like they say honesty is the best policy. If your not honest with them, it shows a lack of trust and love.

4. Pay attention- Listen carefully to everything they say. You’ll start to notice their habits or the way their face lights up when talking about something their passionate about. Don’t talk with the intent to reply, reply with the need to understand.

5.Loving hugs- Give your special person a long heartfelt hug- it is shown that if you hug someone for long than 20 second, it increase the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin which reduces stress levels and has a huge benefit on the heart.

6.Encouragement- Encourage your loved one by letting them be the best version of themselves. Show your support and love for them.

7.Compliment them- If they’ve started a new activity or just slaying in life . Tell them! shower them with words of praise.

Until next time…..

Thank you x


Be Bold, Be Strong, Be you x

12 thoughts on “Appreciating Others”

  1. Once again, your posts are amazing as always!! I adore this one, I’m definitely guilty of not telling people how appreciative I am of them enough. xx

  2. What a wonderful post! I actually try and do most of the mentioned things as often as possible. It’s so important to not take the best people in your life for granted! xxx

    1. Thank you sweetie! That’s so great to hear as many people don’t tell their friends/family/Significant other often enough. The last bit is so true, don’t take them for granted ❤

  3. I love this post so much! I’m so guilty of not expressing how much people mean to me and appreciating them as much as I should do! I’m gonna follow your tips and make sure I start doing this! X

  4. Your posts are always so inspiring and positive. I love them!
    I definitely need to work on telling the people around me how much I care for them, it’s always nice to hear that

    Fab post you lovely lady 💛

  5. I loved this post!! After very VERY nearly losing my youngest daughter suddenly one night I’m massively over the top in telling them how much I love them and appreciate them. I’m always confused at the outpouring of love when someone dies instead of them being told how amazing they are when they’re alive! Love to you sweetheart xx

    1. Telling someone you love them everyday also triggers the emotions of love and support,security and appreciation which sometimes people don’t have growing up so the fact that you tell your little one is a massive congrats on your great parenting skills. You are so right that people tend to outpour their love for someone onces they’ve passed rather than expressing while they were alive.

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